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Using the FDDI Status Utility

Using the FDDI Status Utility

This appendix gives an overview of fddistat, the FDDI status utility, Cisco's monitoring tool for the CDDI and FDDI EISA SGI adapters. This utility is a standalone application that works in conjunction with the FDDI driver. It supports the SMT MIB.

Invoking fddistat

The fddistat utility was loaded into your system with the EISA SGI adapter driver software. (See the chapter,"Installing the Workgroup EISA SGI Adapter Software.")

The format of the fddistat command is as follows:

fddistat [-f fddiNum][-l] [-p] [-h]

-f fddiNum specifies the FDDI interface number of the EISA SGI adapter for which you are gathering statistics. The default is 0, or the first EISA SGI adapter.

-l indicates that fddistat will display statistics in long form. The default is short. The long form displays a snapshot of statistics in the FDDI MIBs.

-p perpetually displays the short form of information. It provides continual updates to a basic set of data, which is useful for monitoring. This option will continue to display until you press Ctrl-C.

-h displays all fddistat options.

fddistat--Short Form

The short form provides you with most of the statistics you will need to monitor the FDDI EISA SGI adapter.

Figure C-1 gives an example of the fddistat short form without additional usage commands.

console # fddistat __________________________________________________________ FDDI Adapter Statistics [1.0]     (fddi0) __________________________________________________________ Serial Number              000103205 Model Number               c32t-ux HW Rev                     4.0 Main FW Rev                3.3 Boot FW Rev                3.0 Driver Rev                 1.0 Upstream Nbr               00:02:d0:02:1f:92 (00:40:0b:40:f8:49) [ CISCO ] Downstream Nbr             00:02:d0:02:1b:c7 (00:40:0b:40:d8:e3) [ CISCO ] MAC Address                00:02:d0:02:15:8d (00:40:0b:40:a8:b1) [ CISCO ] T-Neg                      62720(5.017 msec) Frame Count                1891328536 Error Count                3 Lost Count                 0 Tvx Expired Count          2192 Ring Op Count              70232 RMT State                  ring-op Ler Estimate               15 Lem Reject Count           0 Lem Count                  0 Connect State              active Media Type                 MLT-3 Attachment Class           single Adapter Diagnostics        Pass console #
Figure C-1: fddistat Short Form Example

The definitions of the short form fddistat parameters are as follows:

fddistat--Long Form

The fddistat long form displays the basic statistics, and also statistics from several other groups including the following:

The parameters in these groups conform to the groupings in the Workgroup Director network management software. Refer to the Workgroup Director User Guide or the FDDI MIB, the SMT specification, and the MAC specification to learn more about these parameters.

fddistat--Perpetual Form

The fddistat perpetual form displays the short form information and continually updates the counter until you press Ctrl-C. (See Figure C-2.)

console# fddistat -p Frame-Ct Error-Ct Lost-Ct Tvx-Exp-Ct Ring-Op-Ct Lem-Ct-s Ring ---------- --------- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---- 1891328538 3 0 2192 70232 0 up 1891329806 3 0 2192 70232 0 up 1891331315 3 0 2192 70232 0 up 1891332623 3 0 2192 70232 0 up 1891334661 3 0 2192 70232 0 up 1891337049 3 0 2192 70232 0 up 1891338155 3 0 2192 70232 0 up 1891339991 3 0 2192 70232 0 up console#
Figure C-2: fddistat Perpetual Form Example

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