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Running the FDDI deinstall Script

Running the FDDI deinstall Script

The FDDI deinstall script reverses the FDDI software installation process. You may want to reverse the installation process if you are removing the workgroup EISA SGI adapter from a workstation.

Running the FDDI deinstall Script

Run the FDDI deinstall script as follows:

Step 1 Log in as superuser.

Step 2 Change to the /usr/local/cfddi directory ,

Step 3 Enter the following command:

Step 4 Follow the instructions to deinstall the FDDI software.

deinstall Script Example

The following is an example of the ./deinstall.fddi script:

console# deinstall.fddi You have invoked the deinstall.fddi script. Which is used to deinstall software for the FDDI EISA Adapters. Do you wish to remove the EISA FDDI driver (y/n) [y] ? y configuring kernel...................done Do you wish to remove the /usr/local/cfddi directory too (y/n) [n]? y Removing directory ... done. A log of the de-installation is in /tmp/./deinstall.fddi.log console#

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