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The IGS is a two-port multiprotocol router in a fixed configuration system. This compact router is available either with an Ethernet connection and a single synchronous serial port, or with two Ethernet connections, and supports a number of serial interfaces.

The IGS features an MC68020 processor running at 16 MHz. There is no separate processor card for the IGS; this server is a single-card unit.

Figure 1-1 shows the IGS chassis from a front view.

Figure 1-1: IGS Router--Front View

From the observer's left to right, the light emitting diodes (LED) indicator lights represent, depending on which option is installed as the second interface:

For Two Ethernet Configuration:
For One Ethernet/One Serial Configuration:

Table 1-1 provides a summary of the IGS hardware specifications.

IGS Hardware Specifications


13"W x 14"D x 4"H

Weight 15 lbs.
Power 90-132 or 175-264VAC at 47-63Hz
80 watts (maximum)
273 BTU/hr
Processor Motorola 68020--16 MHz
Memory RAM--1MB (expandable to 4.5 MB)
ROM--1MB (expandable to 8 MB)
16KB Nonvolatile configuration
Network Interfaces Ethernet and 1 Synchronous Serial
or 2 Ethernet
Serial Interfaces RS-232, RS-449, V.35, X.21
Console Ports 2 RS-232 DB-25 connectors
Environment 0-40 degrees C

Figure 1-2 shows a rear view of the IGS router configured with an Ethernet port and a serial port.

Figure 1-2: IGS Router--Rear View with Ethernet Port and Serial Port

Figure 1-3 shows a rear view of the IGS router configured with two Ethernet ports.

Figure 1-3: IGS Router--Rear View with Two Ethernet Ports

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