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6.5. Live broadcasting with RealAudio

Live broadcasting of tradeshow events, radio shows, and music concerts, is one of RealAudio's most popular applications. Figure 6-10 shows the live encoding process.

Figure 6-10

Figure 6-10. An overview of live encoding and broadcasting with the RealSystem

To deliver live content over the Web you will need the following resources:

Note that encoding a live broadcast for later playback or archival purposes does not require a special license.

To reach the widest possible audience, broadcast at least two audio streams encoded for high- and low-bandwidth connections. To broadcast several versions of the same audio feed, you will need to run a separate computer and RealEncoder for each codec. (Note that Linux and Solaris support encoding with multiple sound cards on one machine.) RealSystem 5.0 does not support bandwidth negotiation during live broadcasting. If you are using a Mac system to broadcast live audio, you need to use the 3.1 Mac RealEncoder or the Mac G2 encoder when it is released by RealNetworks (5.0 does not support live encoding).

There are several challenges to live broadcasting with the RealAudio System:

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