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Index: C

Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP): 15.5.2. Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP)
caching proxies: 15.3.4. Proxying Characteristics of HTTP
15.5. Cache Communication Protocols
capturing intruders: 27.3. Pursuing and Capturing the Intruder
CARP (Cache Array Routing Protocol): 15.5.2. Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP)
catastrophe logs: System logs for catastrophes
on Unix: System logs for catastrophe
CD-ROM drive: 10.3.3. What Hardware Configuration?
A.2.1. cerias.purdue.edu
CERT advisories mailing list: A.3.6. CERT-Advisory
CERT-CC (Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center)
response teams: CERT-CC and other incident response teams
A.2.2. info.cert.org
contacting regarding incident: CERT-CC or other incident response teams
certificate authority: C.3.2. Certificates
Certificate Revocation List (CRL): C.3.2. Certificates
CGI scripts: 15.1.1. HTTP Extensions
challenge-response system: 21.1.2. Something You Know
chargen service: 22.7. Mostly Harmless Protocols
keeping secure: 27.5.3. Keeping Secured Checksums
using Tripwire for: 11.6. Running a Security Audit
choke points: 3.3. Choke Point Choke point Choke point
using routers as: 8.1. What Can You Do with Packet Filtering?
choke router (see interior router)
chroot mechanism: 11. Unix and Linux Bastion Hosts Limiting access to information
chrootuid program: B.6.3. chrootuid
CIFS (Common Internet File System): 2.4.2. File Sharing
14.4. Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Server Message Block (SMB)
14.4. Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Server Message Block (SMB)
17.4. File Sharing for Microsoft Networks
ciphertext: C.2.1. Encryption
circuit-level proxy servers: 9.3.1. Application-Level Versus Circuit-Level Proxies
Cisco routers: 8.5. Conventions for Packet Filtering Rules
authentication, network lesystems and: 2.4.2. File Sharing
DNS, configuring: Internal DNS clients query the internal server
false authentication of: 13.1.4. False Authentication of Clients
13.1.10. Protecting Services
HTTP, security of: 15.2. HTTP Client Security
NFS: 17.3.3. NFS Client Vulnerabilities
port numbers: 13. Internet Services and Firewalls
RPC-based: 14.1. Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
converting to use SOCKS: 9.5.4. Converting Clients to Use SOCKS
for proxying: 9.2.1. Using Proxy-Aware Application Software for Proxying
SSH, authentication: SSH client authentication
configuring: 22.5. Network Time Protocol (NTP)
setting: 2.9.4. Time Service
COAST FTP archive: A.1.2. CERIAS
code, publicly available: It contains no publicly available code, so it's secret
command-channel attacks: 13.1.1. Command-Channel Attacks
protecting against: 13.1.10. Protecting Services
command execution: 2.5.1. Remote Terminal Access and Command Execution
command-line arguments: 13.2.3. How Well Is the Protocol Implemented?
Common Internet File System (see CIFS)
14.4. Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Server Message Block (SMB)
Common Object Request Broker Architecture (see CORBA)
Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (see CERT-CC)
computer games: 23.2. Games
Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse (CSRC): A.5.3. NIST CSRC
computer viruses: A firewall can't fully protect against viruses
conferences, security-related: A.7. Conferences
conferencing services, real-time: 2.6. Real-Time Conferencing Services
19. Real-Time Conferencing Services
audit packages: Auditing packages
11.6. Running a Security Audit
clocks: 22.5. Network Time Protocol (NTP)
clients: Internal DNS clients query the internal server
in screened subnet architecture: DNS
exterior routers: Exterior router
FTP, in screened subnet architecture: FTP
hardware: 10.3.3. What Hardware Configuration?
in screened subnet architecture: HTTP and HTTPS
interior routers: Interior router
kernel: 11.5.1. Reconfigure and Rebuild the Kernel
labeling system: 27.5.2. Labeling and Diagramming Your System
machine: 10.10.6. Reconfiguring for Production
Unix: 11.5. Reconfiguring for Production
NIS (Network Information Service): 20.2. Network Information Service (NIS)
in screened subnet architecture: NNTP
packet filtering router: 8.2. Configuring a Packet Filtering Router
with firewalls: 16.2.6. Configuring SMTP to Work with a Firewall
in screened subnet architecture: SMTP
SSH, in screened subnet architecture: SSH
Telnet, in screened subnet architecture: Telnet
between Internet and unbuilt bastion host: 10.8. Building a Bastion Host
checking network (see ping)
disconnecting: 27.1.3. Disconnect or Shut Down, as Appropriate
27.4.3. Planning for Disconnecting or Shutting Down Machines
killed by TCP: 4.3.1. TCP
multiple Internet: 6.5.6. It's OK to Use Multiple Exterior Routers
outbound: Network address translation helps to enforce the firewall's control over outbound connections
per session: 13.4.2. One Connection per Session
content filtering: 15.2.4. What Can You Do?
of email: Viruses and other hostilities
cookies: Cookies
COPS (Computer Oracle and Password System): B.2.1. COPS
auditing package: 11.6. Running a Security Audit
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture): 14.5. Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and Internet Inter-Orb Protocol (IIOP)
crashes, system: 10.12.1. Watch Reboots Carefully
CRC (cyclic redundancy counter): 11.6. Running a Security Audit
CRL (Certificate Revocation List): C.3.2. Certificates
cron process: 11.3.3. Which Services Should You Leave Enabled?
crypt program: Next steps after disabling services
checksums: Use cryptographic checksums for auditing
11.6. Running a Security Audit
C.2.2. Cryptographic Hashes, Checksums, and Message Digests
hashes: C.2.2. Cryptographic Hashes, Checksums, and Message Digests
distribution of: C.3.4. Key Distribution and Exchange
size and strength of: C.5.5. Key Sizes and Strength
systems, components of: C.2. Key Components of Cryptographic Systems
cryptography: C. Cryptography
C. Cryptography
in SSL: 14.7.2. Cryptography in TLS and SSL
in TLS: 14.7.2. Cryptography in TLS and SSL
certificates: C.3.2. Certificates
trust models of: C.3.3. Certificate Trust Models
digital signatures: C.3.1. Digital Signatures
public key: C.2.1.1. Kinds of encryption algorithms
C.4.3. Sharing a Secret
random numbers: C.2.4. Random Numbers
Secure RPC and: 14.1.1. Sun RPC Authentication
CSRC (Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse): A.5.3. NIST CSRC
client software for proxying: 9.2.1. Using Proxy-Aware Application Software for Proxying
system: 27.1.7. Restore and Recover
user procedures for proxying: 9.2.3. Using Proxy-Aware User Procedures for Proxying
cyclic redundancy counter (CRC): 11.6. Running a Security Audit

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