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Index: L

labeling the system: 27.5.2. Labeling and Diagramming Your System
laboratory networks: 6.7.1. Laboratory Networks
LAN-oriented service: 10.6. Selecting Services Provided by a Bastion Host
LanMan format: 21.2. Passwords
LanManager: 17.4. File Sharing for Microsoft Networks
Layer 2 Transport Protocol (L2TP): 14.12. Layer 2 Transport Protocol (L2TP)
layering rewalls: 3.2. Defense in Depth
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol): 2.7. Naming and Directory Services
20.5. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
least privilege principle: 3.1. Least Privilege Least privilege Least privilege
legal issues
documentation of incidents: 27.1.8. Document the Incident
pursuing intruders: 27.3. Pursuing and Capturing the Intruder
security responsibilities: 25.2.3. External Factors That Influence Security Policies
lesystems, network: 2.4.2. File Sharing
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (see LDAP)
Linux (see Unix also Unix) syslog Linux example
(see also Unix)
bastion host: 11. Unix and Linux Bastion Hosts
Internet services on: 11.3.1. How Are Services Managed Under Unix?
11.3.3. Which Services Should You Leave Enabled?
disabling: 11.3.2. Disabling Services Under Unix
11.3.4. Specific Unix Services to Disable
installing and modifying: 11.4. Installing and Modifying Services
ipchains: 8.9.1. Linux ipchains and Masquerading
compared to ipfilter: 8.9.3. Comparing ipfilter and ipchains
using: Using ipchains (including masquerading)
ipfilter: 8.9.2. ipfilter
example: 8.5. Conventions for Packet Filtering Rules
configuring: 11.5. Reconfiguring for Production
securing: 11.2. Securing Unix
masquerading: Masquerading
netfilter: 8.9.4. Linux netfilter
syslog example: syslog Linux example
Linux Documentation Project: A.1.3. The Linux Documentation Project
Linux Router Project: A.1.4. The Linux Router Project
Livingston routers: 8.5. Conventions for Packet Filtering Rules
LMRepl service: 22.6.3. Windows NT Directory Replication
local newsgroups: 2.3.2. Usenet News
lockd: 17.3.4. File Locking with NFS
locking files, with NFS: 17.3.4. File Locking with NFS
remote: 2.5.1. Remote Terminal Access and Command Execution
successful, from unexpected site: 26.2.4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
logs: 7.3.1. Where will logs go, and how?
10.9.4. Safeguard the System Logs
22.1.1. syslog
27.5.4. Keeping Activity Logs
of accepted/dropped packets: 8.8.7. It Should Be Able to Log Accepted and Dropped Packets
backups and: 10.12.2. Do Secure Backups
creating with SOCKS: 9.5.1. Versions of SOCKS
memory required for: 26.1.3. Managing Your Disk Space
26.2.3. What Should You Watch For?
network address translation: Dynamic allocation of addresses interferes with logging
proxy services: Proxy services can be good at logging
of router actions: 8.3.1. Logging Actions
setting up
on Unix: 11.2.1. Setting Up System Logs on Unix
on Windows NT: 12.3.1. Setting Up System Logs Under Windows NT
trimlog program for: B.6.10. trimlog
unexpectedly deleted or modified: 26.2.4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
what to watch for: 26.2.3. What Should You Watch For?
lookups, DNS: 20.1.1. Packet Filtering Characteristics of DNS Mismatched data between the hostname and IP address DNS trees
Lotus Notes: 16.5. Lotus Notes and Domino
lp/lpr printing systems: 17.6.1. lpr and lp
L2TP (Layer 2 Transport Protocol): 14.12. Layer 2 Transport Protocol (L2TP)

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