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Table of Contents

vgcfgbackup(1M) - create or update LVM volume group configuration backup file
vgcfgrestore(1M) - display or restore LVM volume group configuration from backup file
vgchange(1M) - set LVM volume group availability
vgchgid(1M) - modify the Volume Group ID (VGID) on a given set of physical devices
vgcreate(1M) - create LVM volume group
vgdisplay(1M) - display information about LVM volume groups
vgexport(1M) - export an LVM volume group and its associated logical volumes
vgextend(1M) - extend an LVM volume group by adding physical volumes
vgimport(1M) - import an LVM volume group onto the system
vgmodify(1M) - handle physical volume size changes and modify configuration parameters of an existing LVM volume group
vgreduce(1M) - remove physical volumes from an LVM volume group
vgremove(1M) - remove LVM volume group definition from the system
vgscan(1M) - scan physical volumes for LVM volume groups
vgsync(1M) - synchronize stale logical volume mirrors in LVM volume groups
vhardlinks(1M) - checks the consistency of compartment rules for files with multiple hardlinks
vipw(1M) - edit the password file
volcopy(1M) - copy a file system with label checking
volcopy_hfs(1M) - copy an HFS file system with label checking
vtdaemon(1M) - respond to vt requests
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