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Table of Contents

parcreate(1M) - create a new partition
parmodify(1M) - modify an existing partition
parolrad(1M) - online activation of a cell from nPartition; cancel online cell operation; monitor online cell operation; reset hung cell during cell activation
parremove(1M) - remove an existing partition
parunlock(1M) - unlock stable complex profile or cancel pending changes to complex or partition configuration data
pcnfsd(1M) - PC-NFS authentication and print request server
pcserver(1M) - Basic Serial and HP AdvanceLink server
pdc(1M) - processor-dependent code (firmware)
pdweb(1M) - start the HP-UX Peripheral Device tool, part of the System Management Homepage Web interface
ping(1M) - send ICMP Echo Request packets to network host
portmap(1M) - universal addresses to RPC program number mapper — see rpcbind(1M)
power_onoff(1M) - timed, automatic system power on, and power off
pppoerd(1M) - PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) relay
pppoesd(1M) - PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) server daemon
prctmp(1M) - shell procedures for accounting — see acctsh(1M)
prdaily(1M) - shell procedures for accounting — see acctsh(1M)
privedit(1M) - let authorized users edit files that are under access control
privrun(1M) - invoke another application with privileges after performing appropriate authorization checks and optionally reauthenticating the user
prtacct(1M) - shell procedures for accounting — see acctsh(1M)
psfontpf(1M) - internationalized PostScript print filter
psmsgen(1M) - model script configuration utility for psfontpf
psrset(1M) - create and manage processor sets
pvchange(1M) - change characteristics and access path of physical volume in LVM volume group
pvck(1M) - check or repair a physical volume in LVM volume group
pvcreate(1M) - create physical volume for use in LVM volume group
pvdisplay(1M) - display information about physical volumes in LVM volume group
pvmove(1M) - move allocated physical extents from one LVM physical volume to other physical volumes
pvremove(1M) - remove LVM data structure from a physical volume
pwck(1M) - password/group file checkers
pwconv(1M) - install, update or check the /etc/shadow file
pwgr_stat(1M) - password and group hashing and caching statistics
pwgrd(1M) - password and group hashing and caching daemon
pwunconv(1M) - convert passwords from shadow to nonshadow
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