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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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pwconv — install, update or check the /etc/shadow file


/usr/sbin/pwconv [-t] [-v]


The pwconv command installs or appends /etc/shadow with information from /etc/passwd, or checks for any discrepancies between the contents of the two files.

The pwconv command without options does the following:


Creates the file /etc/shadow if it does not exist; otherwise, it removes all entries for usernames which are not present in /etc/passwd.


For each entry in /etc/passwd, move the encrypted password and aging information to /etc/shadow. Entries in /etc/passwd which have no encrypted password or aging information will not overwrite information in /etc/shadow.


Writes an "x" in each password field of the /etc/passwd file, to indicate that the password and aging information reside in the /etc/shadow file.

The pwconv command relies on a special value of "x" in the password field of /etc/passwd. A value different from "x" will prompt pwconv to move the password and aging information into the corresponding fields of /etc/shadow, and then replace the password field in /etc/passwd with an "x".

If no aging information exists in /etc/passwd for a user, none will be added to /etc/shadow. However, the last change field, which indicates when the password was last modified, will always be updated (default is current date). See shadow(4).


The following options are recognized:


Verbose output.


Test mode. pwconv prints error information but does not modify /etc/passwd nor /etc/shadow.


The pwconv command can only be used by the superuser.

HP recommends running pwck before pwconv. See pwck(1M).

A system which has been converted to a trusted system has no /etc/shadow file. In this case, pwconv can be used with no options to update the secure password facility to reflect any changes made in the /etc/passwd file.


pwconv exits with one of the following values:


Successful completion.


Conversion error occurred.


HP-UX 11i Version 3 is the last release to support trusted systems functionality.



system password file


shadow password file


secure password facility

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