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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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pdweb — start the HP-UX Peripheral Device tool, part of the System Management Homepage Web interface


/usr/sbin/pdweb -t

/usr/sbin/pdweb -F


The HP-UX Peripheral Device tool (pdweb) can be used to easily and quickly view I/O devices and OLRAD cards. It helps manage hot pluggable PCI slots on systems that support adding and replacing cards without rebooting. On all HP-UX systems, pdweb will display the I/O devices and can be used to (re)create device files for a selected device.

The pdweb command starts SMH and goes directly to the Peripheral Device page. Once started, the online help facility of pdweb is available and can be used to learn more about pdweb.

The HP-UX Peripheral Device tool user interface uses a Web browser. Executing the pdweb command without any options performs the following tasks:

  • Start the System Management Homepage Web server and,

  • Start a Web client (browser).

An attempt will be made to connect to the browser specified with the BROWSER environment variable, or Mozilla, or Netscape. The Web browser will be displayed on the X server defined by the DISPLAY environment variable. If a running browser is found, it will be used, otherwise a new session will be initiated. This will only happen if the browser process is running on the same system used to execute the pdweb command (defined by the DISPLAY variable), unless the -F option is used.


The pdweb recognizes the following options:


Opens the terminal interface for Cards and Devices regardless of the current setting of the DISPLAY environment variable.


Forces a client browser to be used in less secure ways. Two security features are overridden by the -F option.

The -F option forces the client browser to be used or started, even if the X-traffic between the X-server and the Mozilla browser is not secure.

When pdweb is invoked by SAM, the -F option is used.

Only a privileged user (root) can execute pdweb When used with the -F option, a temporary login bypass key will be generated. The bypass key allows the user to access the Web interface without having to provide login information again.

Only use this option if you are sure the network traffic is secure between the host where Mozilla is running, and the host in the DISPLAY variable.

The browser uses URL, https://hostname:2381/, and you may paste this into any browser if a browser does open with the pdweb command.

Online Help

Once the HP-UX Peripheral Device tool is started, the online help provides details on how to use the tool.


Upon completion, pdweb returns one of the following values:




An error occurred.


pdweb was developed by Hewlett-Packard

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