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Table of Contents

ranlib(1) - regenerate archive symbol table
rcp(1) - remote file copy
rcs(1) - change RCS file attributes
rcsdiff(1) - compare RCS revisions
rcsmerge(1) - merge RCS revisions
rdist(1) - remote file distribution program
read(1) - read a line from standard input
readmail(1) - read mail from a mail folder or incoming mailbox
red(1) - line-oriented text editor — see ed(1)
remsh(1) - execute from a remote shell
reset(1) - terminal-dependent initialization — see tset(1)
rev(1) - reverse lines of a file
reverse(1) - filters invoked by lp interface scripts — see lpfilter(1)
rexec(1) - execute from a remote shell
rksh(1) - shell, the standard/restricted command programming language — see ksh(1)
rlog(1) - print log messages and other information on RCS files
rlogin(1) - remote login
rm(1) - remove files or directories
rmail(1) - send mail to users or read mail — see mail(1)
rmdel(1) - remove a delta from an SCCS file
rmdir(1) - remove directories
rmnl(1) - remove extra new-line characters from file
rndc(1) - name server control utility
rndc-confgen(1) - rndc key generation tool
rpcgen(1) - an RPC protocol compiler
rsh(1) - standard and restricted POSIX.2-conformant command shells — see sh-posix(1)
rtprio(1) - execute process with real-time priority
rtsched(1) - execute process with real-time priority
rup(1) - show host status of local machines (RPC version)
ruptime(1) - show status of local machines
rusers(1) - determine who is logged in on machines on local network
rwho(1) - show who is logged in on local machines
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