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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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rtprio — execute process with real-time priority


rtprio priority command [arguments]

rtprio priority -pid

rtprio -t command [arguments]

rtprio -t -pid


rtprio executes command with a real-time priority, or changes the real-time priority of currently executing process pid. Real-time priorities range from zero (highest) to 127 (lowest). Real-time processes are not subject to priority degradation, and are all of greater (scheduling) importance than non-real-time processes. See rtprio(2) for more details.

If -t is specified instead of a real-time priority, rtprio executes command with a timeshare (non-real-time) priority, or changes the currently executing process pid from a possibly real-time priority to a timeshare priority. The former is useful to spawn a timeshare priority command from a real-time priority shell.

If -t is not specified, command is not scheduled, or pid's real-time priority is not changed, if the user is not a member of a group having PRIV_RTPRIO access and is not the user with appropriate privileges. When changing the real-time priority of a currently executing process, the effective user ID of the calling process must be the user with appropriate privileges, or the real or effective user ID must match the real or saved user ID of the process to be modified.


rtprio returns exit status 0 if command is successfully scheduled or if pid's real-time priority is successfully changed, 1 if command is not executable or pid does not exist, and 2 if command (pid) lacks real-time capability, or the invoker's effective user ID is not a user who has appropriate privileges, or the real or effective user or the real or effective user ID does not match the real or saved user ID of the process being changed.


Execute file a.out at a real-time priority of 100:

rtprio 100 a.out

Set the currently running process pid 24217 to a real-time priority of 40:

rtprio 40 -24217


rtprio was developed by HP.

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