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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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rcsdiff — compare RCS revisions


rcsdiff [-bcefhn] [-r rev1] [-r rev2] file ...


rcsdiff compares two revisions of each given RCS file and creates output very similar to diff (see diff(1)). A file name ending in ,v is an RCS file name, otherwise it is a working file name. rcsdiff derives the working file name from the RCS file name and vice versa, as explained in rcsintro(5). Pairs consisting of both an RCS and a working file name can also be specified.


rcsdiff recognizes the following options:


Same as described in diff(1);


Same as described in diff(1);


Same as described in diff(1);


Same as described in diff(1);


Generate an edit script of the format used by RCS.


Generate a diff with lines of context. The default is to present 3 lines of context. To change, specify n; for example, -c10 gives 10 lines of context.

-c modifies the output format slightly from the normal diff(1) output. The "context" output begins with identification of the files involved and their creation dates, then each change is separated by a line with a dozen * (asterisks). Lines removed from file1 are marked with - (dashes); those added to file2 with + (pluses). Lines that are changed from one file to the other are marked in both files with ! (exclamation marks).

If both rev1 and rev2 are omitted, rcsdiff compares the latest revision on the trunk with the contents of the corresponding working file. This is useful for determining what was changed since the last check-in.

If rev1 is given, but rev2 is omitted, rcsdiff compares revision rev1 of the RCS file with the contents of the corresponding working file.

If both rev1 and rev2 are given, rcsdiff compares revisions rev1 and rev2 of the RCS file.

Both rev1 and rev2 can be given numerically or symbolically.


Compare the latest trunk revision of RCS file f.c,v and the contents of working file f.c:

rcsdiff f.c

Compare the revisions 1.1 and 1.2 in the RCS file foo.c,v:

rcsdiff -r1.1 -r1.2 foo.c


rcsdiff was developed by Walter F. Tichy.

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