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Table of Contents

sccsfile(4) - format of SCCS file
sd(4) - all objects that Software Distributor (SD) uses, their attributes and storage formats
securenets(4) - NIS map security file
security(4) - security defaults configuration file
services(4) - service name data base
services.window(4) - file containing applications and their associated memory window ID
shadow(4) - shadow password file
sharetab(4) - shared file system table
shells(4) - list of allowed login shells
slp.conf(4) - configuration file for SLP agents
slp.reg(4) - SLP static registration file
sm(4) - statd directory and file structures
sm.bak(4) - statd directory and file structures — see sm(4)
snmpd.conf(4) - configuration file for the SNMP agent
softkeys(4) - keysh softkey file format
state(4) - statd directory and file structures — see sm(4)
switch(4) - configuration file for the name-service switch — see nsswitch.conf(4)
swpackage(4) - product specification file (PSF) format
symlink(4) - symbolic link
system(4) - system description configuration files
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