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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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slp.reg — SLP static registration file




The /etc/slp.reg file provides a mechanism for old applications which are not SLP enabled and cannot be converted, and for portably exchanging registrations between SLP implementations.

This file contains a list of service registrations that are read by slpd at startup time and advertised later by slpd which can be acting either as the service agent server or the directory agent.

The character encoding of the registrations is required to be UTF-8.

The syntax of the serialized registration file, in ABNF format [5], is as follows:

ser-file = reg-list reg-list = reg / reg reg-list reg = creg / ser-reg creg = comment-line ser-reg comment-line = ( "#" / ";" ) 1*allchar newline ser-reg = url-props [slist] [attr-list] newline url-props = surl "," lang "," ltime [ "," type ] newline surl = ;The registration's URL. See ; [8] for syntax. lang = 1*8ALPHA [ "-" 1*8ALPHA ] ;RFC 1766 Language Tag see [6]. ltime = 1*5DIGIT ; A positive 16-bit integer ; giving the lifetime ; of the registration. type = ; The service type name, see [7] ; and [8] for syntax. slist = "scopes" "=" scope-list newline scope-list = scope-name / scope-name "," scope-list scope = ; See grammar of [7] for ; scope-name syntax. attr-list = attr-def / attr-def attr-list attr-def = ( attr / keyword ) newline keyword = attr-id attr = attr-id "=" attr-val-list attr-id = ;Attribute id, see [7] for syntax. attr-val-list = attr-val / attr-val "," attr-val-list attr-val = ;Attribute value, see [7] for syntax. allchar = char / WSP char = DIGIT / ALPHA / other other = %x21-%x2f / %x3a-%x40 / %x5b-%x60 / %7b-%7e ; All printable, nonwhitespace US-ASCII ; characters. newline = CR / ( CRLF )

The syntax for scope names, attribute tags, and attribute values requires escapes for special characters. DAs and SA servers that process serialized registrations must handle them exactly as if they were registered by an SA. In the url-props production, the type token is optional. If the type token is present for a service:URL, a warning is signaled and the type name is ignored. If the maximum lifetime ltime is specified (65535 sec.), the registration is taken to be permanent, and is continually refreshed by the DA or SA server until it exits.

Scopes can be included in a registration by including an attribute definition with tag "scopes" followed by a comma separated list of scope names immediately after the url-props production. If the optional scope list is present, the registrations are made in the indicated scopes. Otherwise, they are registered in the scopes with which the DA or SA server was configured through the net.slp.useScopes property.

If the scope list contains scopes that are not in the net.slp.useScopes property (provided that property is set) or are not specified by DHCP, the API library should reject the registration and issue a warning message.


slp.reg was developed by the Caldera Systems, Inc.


slpd(1M), libslp(3N), slp.conf(4), slp_syntax(7).

RFC 2614, RFC 2608.

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