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Cisco MPLS Tunnel Builder Evaluation Kit

Cisco MPLS Tunnel Builder Evaluation Kit

This document describes the procedures for doing the following:

Installing a Tunnel Builder Evaluation Kit

To install an evaluation copy of Release 2.0 of Cisco MPLS Tunnel Builder, perform the following steps.

Note   The procedure for installing an evaluation copy of Release 2.1 will be different.

Step 1   Request a BRG evaluation license key from

Step 2   For an evaluation kit, enter the following URL:

If you are a Cisco registered customer, you can get an evaluation kit by entering this URL:

Step 3   Run the file.


You are asked to enter a license key for the BRG server and configure several options, as follows:

Please enter the license key

Press Return.

At the following question, enter eval.

Please enter (eval) for evaluation version of BRG, (perm) for permanent version of BRG, or (none) for Non-BRG version.

At the following question, enter the provided license key.

Please enter the license key for evaluation version.

Extending the Date for Which the Software is Functional

To extend the date for which the evaluation software is functional, reinstall the evaluation kit by performing the following steps:

Step 1   Go to the following directory:

cd serverkit/installed/data

Edit the file by replacing the FEATURE line (the next to the last line) with the following:

FEATURE BRG-Engine PARCTECH 1.0 dd-mmm-yyyy uncounted HOSTID=ANY SSUER="CISCO Systems" SIGN=nnnnnnnnnnnn


dd = Day

mmm = Month

yyyy = Year

nnnnnnnnnnnn = Twelve alphanumeric characters representing the BRG key

For example, 1-jan-2003 and 14-jan-2003.

Step 2   Access the serverkit/installed directory by entering the following:

cd ..

Enter the following command on one line:

./bin/ -p ./data/ rmiport

Step 3   Access the serverkit directory by entering the following:

cd ..

To locate the process IDs for the Tunnel Builder server, enter the following command:

ps -ef | grep serverkit

Once the process ID is found, enter this command:

kill -9 process-id

To start the server manually, execute a startTopoServer command from your web server doc directory.

cd /scratch/suitespot/docs/TunnelBuilderPro/serverkit web-server-doc-dir% ./startTopoServer

For additional information about Cisco MPLS Tunnel Builder, refer to the following:

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