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Using the Flash File System

Using the Flash File System

The Flash File system is a tool that is used to manage Flash files such as router image files and router configuration files. Each router on which Flash files are maintained must be configured for Flash administration. For instructions on configuring for Flash administration, as well as detailed help of the functions of the Flash File System, see the online help for this product.

The Flash File system is supported by all routers in the Cisco 7000 series, which includes the Cisco 7000, 7010, 7204, 7206, 7505, 7507, and 7513.

This appendix contains the following sections:

Accessing the Flash File System

Step 1   Go to CiscoView - Main.

Step 2   Go to the File menu, click Open Device.

Step 3   Enter the IP address or host name of a device in the series 7000 family in the Host field.

Step 4   Enter the Read Community string.

Step 5   Enter the Write Community string.

Step 6   Click OK.

Step 7   Select Admin>Flash File Systems. The main window for the Flash File System appears.

Understanding the Main Window

The main window for the Flash File system has two parts or panes, the Local File system and the Remote File system, described in Table B-1.

Table B-1: Flash File System Window
Pane Description

Local File System

Displays files on the system on which CiscoView is running.

Remote File System

Displays files in any of the Flash memory devices on the router.

In addition to the panes on the window, there are buttons in various parts of the window that perform the functions described in Table B-2.

Table B-2: Flash File System Buttons
Button Description

Arrow buttons

Copy a selected file from one file system to the other.


Closes the Flash File system.


Displays to the online help.


Allows you to view or modify the selected file.


Deletes the selected file.


Deletes the space in Flash memory left by a deleted file.


Erases all the files in Flash memory and squeezes the space.

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