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Configuring a WAN Environment

Configuring a WAN Environment

This chapter provides information about how the Cisco Network Order Manager can be used in a WAN environment. It contains the following sections:

CNOM Connection Within a WAN Cloud

Use the CNOM policy connectSubscriber_cwm to set up a connection between ingress and egress ports on the appropriate nodes in a WAN cloud. To run the policy, satisfy the following conditions:

The policy expects the following attributes in the work order:

To set up a connection within a WAN Cloud, use the connect_cwm script:


CNOM QoS Profiles for WAN Configuration

You can create a WAN QoS profile in one of two ways:

To create a WAN QoS profile with a policy, use the create_cwm_QoS command:

./create_cwm_qos <ProfileName> <ProfileType> [<attribute=value>]

Supported ProfileTypes are listed in Table 6-1.

Table 6-1: WAN QoS Profile Types
Profile Type Description


Constant bit rate (cell loss priority [CLP] not applicable)


Variable bit rate (CLP not applicable)


Variable bit rate


Variable bit rate (CLP enabled)


Available bit rate (CLP enabled; ForeSight enabled)


Unspecified bit rate (CLP disabled)


Unspecified bit rate (CLP enabled)


Available bit rate

The policy expects the following attributes in the work order.

Note   If you do not assign a value to an attribute, the default value is used.

Connection Status

If a connection is:

To disconnect a connection made through the above policy, use the policy disconnectSubscriber_with_CWM. This policy takes the connectionIdentifier supplied in the earlier connection in the attribute workOrder:DDMWorkOrder.connectionIdentifier and removes the subscriber.

Caution   When you run policies, be sure that the policy is one designated for the specified application. For example, the command listed above is specifically designed to disconnect an end-to-end connection in a WAN environment.

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