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  • Cisco Support Tools
    Cisco Support Tools is a suite of utilities that allow you to manage and troubleshoot the Cisco Customer Contact servers which process call load, routing, and reporting.

  • eMail Manager Version 4
    Manage high volumes of customer inquiries submitted to company mailboxes or Web site. Automatically route messages, categorize and prioritize messages, suggest relevant response templates, and send automated replies.

  • ICM Web Option Version 4
    Integrates ICM with Collaboration Server, Media Blender, and Trailhead. The integrated solution provides Web-based customer interaction using ICM's multisite call distribution technology.

  • Media Blender Version 3.0
    Web and computer telephony integration platform for session tracking, event distribution, and CTI work flow. Can function as a media event bus to synchronize Web-based and IPCC or ACD-based contact center systems.


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