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4.2. Nested Framesets

You can achieve more complex layouts by using nested <frameset> tags. Any frame within a frameset can contain another frameset.

For example, Figure 4-2 shows a layout of two columns, the first with two rows and the second with three rows. This is created by nesting two <frameset> tags with row specifications within a top-level <frameset> that specifies the columns:

<frameset cols="50%,*" >
  <frameset rows="50%,*">
    <frame src="frame1.html">
    <frame src="frame2.html">
  <frameset rows="33%,33%,*">
    <frame src="frame3.html">
    <frame src="frame4.html">
    <frame src="frame5.html">
Figure 4-2

Figure 4-2. Staggered frame layouts using nested <frameset> tags

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