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Part VI. Appendixes

Part VI, "Appendixes" provides lots of useful look-up tables for HTML tags and CSS elements.

Appendix A, "HTML Elements", lists all HTML tags as listed in the HTML 4.0 specification of April 1998. This list also serves as an index to finding full tag explanations throughout the book.

Appendix B, "List of Attributes", lists all attributes and their respective tags and values.

Appendix C, "Deprecated Tags", lists all tags that have been "deprecated" (discouraged from use) by the HTML 4.0 specification.

Appendix D, "Proprietary Tags", lists tags that work only with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

Appendix E, "CSS Support Chart", lists all CSS properties and the browsers that support them.

Appendix F, "Character Entities", lists all characters not found in the normal alphanumeric character set. The first part of this appendix presents the standard HTML character entities. The second part presents newly added entities in the HTML 4.0 specification that are not as well supported

The Glossary defines many of the terms used in the book.

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