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Part I. The Web Environment

Part I, "The Web Environment" introduces some broad concepts about the way the Web works, which should orient designers to the peculiarities of the medium. It ends with an introduction to the server and basic Unix concepts.

Chapter 1, "Designing for a Variety of Browsers", looks at how differing browser capabilities affect design decisions.

Chapter 2, "Designing for a Variety of Displays", discusses varying monitor resolutions and accessibility issues and their effects on the design process.

Chapter 3, "Web Design Principles for Print Designers", introduces how the Web deals with color, graphics, and fonts. This is particularly useful for those accustomed to print; however, it is also essential background information for any new web designer.

Chapter 4, "A Beginner's Guide to the Server", provides a primer on basic server functions, system commands, uploading files, and file types.

Chapter 5, "Printing from the Web", shows you how to control the way your pages look when they're printed.

Chapter 6, "Accessibility", covers ways in which you can make your pages accessible to users with hearing, sight, cognitive, or motor skills impairments.

Chapter 7, "Internationalization", addresses key issues for internationalization, including character sets and new language features in HTML 4 and CSS2.

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