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20.2. Global Properties

Global properties, like global functions, may be accessed from any script in a movie. They store information that is generally useful, from any point in our code. Many of them affect the entire Flash Player, not just a particular movie clip or movie.

Table 20-2 lists the global properties available in Flash 5.

Table 20-2. ActionScript Global Properties

Property Name



The highlight state of buttons activated via the keyboard


The rendering quality of the Player*


A constant representing the Infinity value of the number type


A constant representing the -Infinity value of the number type


A document level in the Player


Not-A-Number; the value of the number type representing invalid numeric data


The rendering quality of the Player


A reference to the main movie timeline of the current level


Number of seconds of a streaming sound to preload


The version of the Flash Player

*Deprecated in Flash 5.

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