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mailx [options ] [users ]

Read mail, or send mail to other users . For a summary of commands, type ? in command mode (e.g., when reading mail) or ~? in input mode (e.g., when sending mail). The start-up file .mailrc in the user's home directory is useful for setting display variables and for defining alias lists.

On Solaris, /usr/ucb/mail and /usr/ucb/Mail are symbolic links to mailx .



Do not buffer standard input or standard output. Solaris only.

-b bcc

Send blind carbon copies to bcc . Quote the list if there are multiple recipients. Solaris only.

-c cc

Send carbon copies to cc . Quote the list if there are multiple recipients. Solaris only.


Set debugging.


Test for the existence of mail without printing it. Exit status is 0 if mail exists; otherwise 1.

-f [file ]

Read mail in alternate file (default is mbox ).


Store message in a file named after the first recipient.

-h n

Stop trying to send after making n network connections, or "hops" (useful for avoiding infinite loops).


Print mail headers only.


Ignore interrupts (useful on modems); same as ignore mailx option.


Use with -f when displaying saved news articles; newsgroup and article-ID headers are included.


Do not read the system startup mailx.rc or Mail.rc file(s).


Don't print mail headers.

-r address

Specify a return address for mail you send.

-s sub

Place string sub in the subject header field. sub must be quoted if it contains whitespace.


Use To: , Cc: , and Bcc: headers in the input to specify recipients instead of command-line arguments. Solaris only.

-T file

Record message IDs and article IDs (of news articles) in file .

-u user

Read user 's mail.


Convert uucp -type addresses to Internet format.


Invoke sendmail with the -v option. Solaris only.


Print version number of mailx and exit.


Process tilde escapes, even if not reading from a terminal. Solaris only.

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