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/usr/ccs/bin/make [options ] [targets ]

Update one or more targets according to dependency instructions in a description file in the current directory. By default, this file is called makefile or Makefile . See Chapter 20, The make Utility , for more information on make . See also Managing Projects with make , listed in the Bibliography.

Note: the Solaris make has many extensions over the standard SVR4 make described here. See make (1) for more information.



Override makefile assignments with environment variables.

-f makefile

Use makefile as the description file; a filename - denotes standard input.


Ignore command error codes (same as .IGNORE ).


Abandon the current entry when it fails, but keep working with unrelated entries.


Print commands but don't execute (used for testing).


Print macro definitions and target descriptions.


Query; return 0 if file is up-to-date; nonzero otherwise.


Do not use "default" rules.


Do not display command lines (same as .SILENT ).


Touch the target files, causing them to be updated.

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