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/usr/java/bin/javah [options ] classes | files

Solaris only. Generate C header and/or source files for implementing native methods. The generated .h file defines a structure whose members parallel those of the corresponding Java class.

The header filename is derived from the corresponding Java class. If the class is inside a package, the package name is prepended to the filename and the structure name, separated by an underscore.

Note: the Java Native Interface (JNI) does not require header or stub files. Use the -jni option to create function prototypes for JNI native methods.


-classpath path

Use path as the search path for class files, overriding $CLASSPATH . path is a colon-separated list of directories.

-d dir

Place generated files in dir .


Print a help message.


Produce JNI native method function prototypes.

-o file

Concatenate all generated header or source files for all the classes and write them to file .


Generate C declarations, not headers.

-td dir

Use dir as the directory for temporary files, instead of /tmp .


Add tracing information to the generated stubs.




Print the version of javah .

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