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/usr/java/bin/javakey [options ]

Solaris only. Java security tool. Use javakey to generate digital signatures for archive files, and to build and manage a database of entities, their keys and certificates, and indications of their "trusted" (or nontrusted) status.

The leading - on options may be omitted. Only one option may be specified per javakey invocation.


In the option arguments below, an id_or_signer is either a secure ID or a secure signer already in the database.

-c identity [true | false ]

Create a new database identity named identity . The optional true or false is an indication as to whether the identity can be trusted. The default is false .

-cs signer [true | false ]

Create a new signer in the database named signer . The optional true or false is an indication of whether the signer can be trusted. The default is false .

-dc file

Display the certificate in file .

-ec id_or_signer cnum cfile

Export certificate cnum from id or signer to cfile . The number must be one previously created by javakey .

-ek id_or_signer public [private ]

Export the public key for id or signer to file public . Optionally, export the private key to file private . The keys must be in X.509 format.

-g signer algorithm ksize [public ] [private ]

Shortcut for -gk to generate a key pair for signer .

-gc file

Generate a certificate according to the directives in file .

-gk signer algorithm ksize [public ] [private ]

Generate a key pair for signer using standard algorithm algorithm , with a key-size of ksize bits. The public key is placed in the file public , and the private key in file private . Exporting private keys should be done with caution.

-gs dfile jarfile

Sign the Java Archive file jarfile according to directives in dfile .

-ic id_or_signer csrcfile

Associate the public key certificate in csrcfile with the named id or signer . This certificate must match a preexisting one, if there is one. Otherwise, this certificate is assigned to the id or signer .

-ii id_or_signer

Supply information about the id or signer . javakey reads information typed interactively. End the information with a line containing a single dot.

-ik identity ksrcfile

Associate the public key in ksrcfile with identity . The key must be in X.509 format.

-ikp signer public private

Import the key pair from files public and private and associate them with signer . The keys must be in X.509 format.


List the usernames of all identities and signers in the database.


Like -l , but provide detailed information.

-li id_or_signer

Provide detailed information just about the named id or signer .

-r id_or_signer

Remove the id or signer from the database.

-t id_or_signer [true | false ]

Set or reset the trust level for id or signer .


Create a new identity, arnold , who is to be trusted:

javakey -c arnold true

List detailed information about arnold :

javakey -li arnold

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