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25. Showing What's in a File

25.1 Cracking the Nut

This chapter talks about the many ways of dumping a file to the screen. Most users know the brute force approach provided by cat ( 25.2 ) , but there's more to it than that:

  • Pagers like more ( 25.3 ) and less ( 25.4 ) that give you more control when looking through long files.

  • Looking at files that are compressed or otherwise unviewable (article 25.5 ).

  • Finding out what type of data a file contains before opening it (article 25.8 ).

  • Adding and deleting blank lines or other white space before displaying a file (articles 25.9 through 25.13 ).

  • Looking at just the beginning or just the end of a file (articles 25.14 through 25.20 ).

  • Numbering lines (article 25.21 ).


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