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18.5. Tix Images

There are some additional images that are part of the Tix package: act_fold, file folder, info, minus, minusarm, no_entry, openfold, plus, plusarm, srcfile, textfile, and warning. You can use them just like any other images (See Chapter 17, "Images and Animations" for more details). They are shown in Figure 18-9.

Figure 18-9

Figure 18-9. Tix images shown as imagetext items in a TList

Here's the code that created Figure 18-9:

use Tk;
require Tk::TList;

my $mw = Tk::MainWindow->new(-title => 'Tix Images');
my $tlist = $mw->TList->pack(-expand => 1, -fill => 'both');

foreach (qw/act_fold file folder info minus 
            minusarm no_entry openfold plus 
            plusarm srcfile textfile warning/) {
  $tlist->insert('end', -itemtype => 'imagetext', -text => $_, 
            -image => $mw->Getimage($_));


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