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Index: V

in $^V: 28.2. Special Variables in Alphabetical Order
2.6.7. V-String Literals
-v (version) command-line switch: 19.1.3. Switches
arrays (see arrays)
hashes, sorting: 29.2.79. keys
list (see list values)
referencing: 8.1. What Is a Reference?
scalar (see scalar values)
scope, confining to: 4.8.1. Scoped Variable Declarations
undefined, truth value of: 1.6.1. What Is Truth?
undefining: 29.2.187. undef
variables vs.: 1.2. Natural and Artificial Languages
values function: 14.3.1. Hash-Tying Methods
29.2.194. values
variable interpolation: 2.6.2. String Literals
glob operator, using: 2.11.3. Filename Globbing Operator
variable-length records: 7. Formats
variable-length UTF-8 characters: 15.1. Building Character
variables: 2.3. Built-in Data Types
2.4. Variables
3.1. Terms and List Operators (Leftward)
8. References
8.3.1. Using a Variable as a Variable Name
anonymous: 8.2.2. Anonymous Data
array: 2.6.5. Interpolating Array Values
attributes, getting and setting: 32.1.13. Perl Language Extensions and Internals
binding to packages: 29.2.191. untie
B::Xref module, cross-references with C: 18.6. Code Development Tools
class: 12.8. Managing Class Data
condition variables: Condition variables
control, in foreach loop: 4.4.3. foreach Loops
debugger, customizing: 20.3.2. Customizing with Init Files
declaring: 4. Statements and Declarations
4.8.1. Scoped Variable Declarations
declaring global: 4.8.3. Lexically Scoped Global Declarations: our
dumping with V command: 10.1. Symbol Tables
environment: 28.2. Special Variables in Alphabetical Order
format: 7.1. Format Variables
fully-qualified, accessing from outside package: Restricting namespace access
global (see global)
hash: 2.9. Hashes
initializing before calling subroutines: 6.2.3. Scoping Issues
with double quotes: 5.2. Pattern-Matching Operators
into patterns: 5.2. Pattern-Matching Operators
interpolation: Singularities
pattern matching, controlling with: 5.9.2. Variable Interpolation
lexical scoping: 29.2.99. my
common programming errors with: 24.1.1. Universal Blunders
my declarations, using instead of local function: 24.1.2. Frequently Ignored Advice
localizing existing: 29.2.87. local
modules, exporting to programs: 11.2.1. Module Privacy and the Exporter
my (see my declarations)
8.3.6. Other Tricks You Can Do with Hard References
10. Packages
names for: 1.2.1. Variable Syntax
24.3. Programming with Style
names in nested symbol tables: 2.5. Names
our (see our declarations)
package, displaying: 20.2.4. Display
package, memory usage: 20.3.3. Debugger Options
package variables: 2.5. Names
packages, associating with: 10. Packages
Perl vs. C, names of: 24.1.3. C Traps
private (see local variables)
repeated substitutions, performing on: Modifying strings en passant
resetting values of: 29.2.130. reset
scoped, lexical scope: 4.8.2. Lexically Scoped Variables: my
scoping, strict pragma, use of: Simplicities
shell programming, Perl vs.: 24.1.4. Shell Traps
special: 28.1.6. Per-Package Special Functions
strings of, matching against known strings: 5.9.2. Variable Interpolation
taint and: 23.1. Handling Insecure Data
translating with: 5.2.4. The tr/// Operator (Transliteration)
tying: 14. Tied Variables
29.2.178. tie
arrays: 14.2. Tying Arrays
filehandles: 14.4. Tying Filehandles
hashes: 14.3. Tying Hashes
scalars: 14.1. Tying Scalars
untying trap: 14.5. A Subtle Untying Trap
uninitialized: Singularities
values, assignment and: 1.5.3. Assignment Operators
values vs.: 1.2. Natural and Artificial Languages
watch points, placing on: 14.6. Tie Modules on CPAN
variadic functions in Perl: 6.2. Semantics
vars modle (obsolete): 32.1.13. Perl Language Extensions and Internals
vec function: 29.2.195. vec
vectors, strings as: 29.2.162. sprintf
29.2.195. vec
debugger, setting levels of: 20.3.3. Debugger Options
warnings, forcing in: 32.1.13. Perl Language Extensions and Internals
verbs: 1.2.2. Verbs
verbs, packages, handling of: Simplicities
versions, Perl 28.2. Special Variables in Alphabetical Order
of Perl ($^V): 28.2. Special Variables in Alphabetical Order
module, checking for: Version checking
changes between release 4 and 5: 24.1.5. Previous Perl Traps
placing in #! line: 19.1. Command Processing
specifying: 19.1.2. Location of Perl
VERSION method: 12.5.3. UNIVERSAL: The Ultimate Ancestor Class
vi editor
debugger, support for: 20.3.1. Editor Support for Debugging
regular expressions, use of: 1.7. Regular Expressions
video, Perl modules for: 22.1. The CPAN modules Directory
virtual circuits (as TCP streams): 16.5. Sockets
virtual machine, Perl: 18.3. Executing Your Code
VMS operating system
File::Spec::VMS module: 32.1.4. Filenames, Filesystems, and File Locking
invoking Perl applications on: 19.1.1. #! and Quoting on Non-Unix Systems
void context: 1.5.4. Unary Arithmetic Operators
2.7.3. Void Context
2.8.1. List Assignment
29.2.198. wantarray
recognizing in debugger: 20.1. Using the Debugger
vowel sounds, classifying syllabaries according to: Standard Unicode properties
VRML, Perl modules for: 22.1. The CPAN modules Directory

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