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Index: N

\n: 25.1. Newlines
(see also newlines)
-n (loop) command-line switch: 19.1.3. Switches
character: 2.6.2. String Literals
character, metasymbol for: 5.3.2. Specific Characters
characters, inserting: 15.2. Effects of Character Semantics
pipes: 16.3.4. Named Pipes
named unary operators: 2.11.3. Filename Globbing Operator
3.10. Named Unary and File Test Operators
listing of: 3.10. Named Unary and File Test Operators
names: 2.5. Names
arrays: 2.4. Variables
attributes, subroutines: 6.5.1. The locked and method Attributes
capitalization conventions: 2.5. Names
classes, distinguishing from subroutines: 12.3.4. Package-Quoted Classes
commands: 1.2.2. Verbs
constructors: 12.4.2. Initializers
file: 2.6.8. Other Literal Tokens
for files==>filenames: 29.2.128. rename
format (see format names)
formats associated with filehandles: 7. Formats
functions: 1.2.2. Verbs
getting from network addresses: 29.2.47. gethostbyaddr
group names: 29.2.46. getgrnam
hashes: 2.4. Variables
hashes, storing in: Pluralities
hostnames, translating to network addresses: 29.2.48. gethostbyname
identifiers vs.: 2.5. Names
labels and filehandles: 2.5. Names
login (see login names)
lookups of: 2.5.1. Name Lookups
methods, tied variables: 14. Tied Variables
modules: 11.1. Using Modules
capitalization in: 11.1. Using Modules
modules/packages: 24.3. Programming with Style
network addresses, getting from: 29.2.51. getnetbyaddr
packages: 10. Packages
parameters, not requiring: 6.2.1. Tricks with Parameter Lists
ports, getting from number: 29.2.64. getservbyname
program (see $0 variable)
protocols, getting from port numbers: 29.2.65. getservbyport
protocols, translating to/from numbers: 29.2.58. getprotobyname
scope, confining to: 4.8.1. Scoped Variable Declarations
signals: 16.1. Signals
subroutines: 6.1. Syntax
capitalization in: 6.1. Syntax
symbol tables: 10.1. Symbol Tables
temporary files, generating: 23.2.3. Temporary Files
translating to network addresses: 29.2.52. getnetbyname
typeglobs: 2.10. Typeglobs and Filehandles
users: 29.2.62. getpwnam
variable: 24.3. Programming with Style
variables: 1.2.1. Variable Syntax
2.4. Variables
namespace (see also packages)
encapsulation based on: 14.6. Tie Modules on CPAN
modules and: 11.2.1. Module Privacy and the Exporter
namespaces: 2.5. Names
access, restricting with Safe module: Restricting namespace access
for packages: Simplicities
naming, socket: 29.2.5. bind
natural languages: 1.2. Natural and Artificial Languages
environment variables controlling Perl handling of: 19.2. Environment Variables
NDBM_File module: 32.1.10. DBM Interfaces
ne operator: 24.1.1. Universal Blunders
arithmetic (-)operator: 3.5. Ideographic Unary Operators
bitwise (~) operator: 3.5. Ideographic Unary Operators
character classes: 5.4.1. Custom Character Classes
5.4.2. Classic Perl Character Class Shortcuts
logical (!) operator: 3.5. Ideographic Unary Operators
of character class: 1.7.1. Quantifiers
POSIX character classes: 5.4.4. POSIX-Style Character Classes
negation operator (!), overloading: 13.3. Overloadable Operators
negative array subscripts, counting from end of array: 24.1.5. Previous Perl Traps
negative lookahead assertions: 5.9.4. The Little Engine That /Could(n't)?/
5.10.1. Lookaround Assertions
negative subscripts in Perl: 2.3. Built-in Data Types
arrays: 9.1. Arrays of Arrays
data structures: Complexities
data structures, printed: 20.2.4. Display
destruction: 12.6. Instance Destructors
lists: 9.1. Arrays of Arrays
subroutines: Nested subroutines
Net::hostent module: 29.2.49. gethostent
32.1.8. Networking and Interprocess Communication
Class::Struct, using to create objects and accesors: 32.6. Class::Struct
Net::netent module: 29.2.51. getnetbyaddr
32.1.8. Networking and Interprocess Communication
netnews: 22.1. The CPAN modules Directory
(see also Usenet)
Net::Ping module: 32.1.8. Networking and Interprocess Communication
Net::proto module: 29.2.59. getprotobynumber
Net::protoent module: 32.1.8. Networking and Interprocess Communication
Net::servent module: 32.1.8. Networking and Interprocess Communication
clients: 16.5.1. Networking Clients
modules for: 32.1.8. Networking and Interprocess Communication
modules implementing network protocols: 22.1. The CPAN modules Directory
network addresses, translating to names: 29.2.51. getnetbyaddr
29.2.47. gethostbyaddr
network filesystems (see NFS)
network information, functions for retrieving: 29.1. Perl Functions by Category
servers: 16.5.2. Networking Servers
services, Perl module for interacting with: 22.1. The CPAN modules Directory
Win32 network modules: 32.1.20. Microsoft-Related Modules
networking modules: 16.5. Sockets
networks file (see /etc/networks file)
new method: Thread creation
29.2.100. new
newlines: 2.2. Molecules
blank lines, truth values and: The while and until statements
chomp function, deleting with: 29.2.11. chomp
dot (.) metacharacter, matching: 5.3.3. Wildcard Metasymbols
in filenames, security risks of: 23.1.2. Cleaning Up Your Environment
Perl program portability and: 25.1. Newlines
removing: 1.4. Filehandles
in string literals: 2.6.2. String Literals
strings containing, matches against: 5.2.1. Pattern Modifiers
newsgroups: 0.6.2. Usenet Newsgroups
next, used in a do while: 4.5. Bare Blocks
next command, do {} while construct, not taking: 24.1.3. C Traps
next operator: Breaking out: next and last
4.4.1. while and until Statements
4.4.4. Loop Control
4.4.4. Loop Control
29.2.101. next
exiting once-through blocks with: 4.5. Bare Blocks
next if construct: 24.2.1. Time Efficiency
NFA (nondeterministic finite-state automaton): 5.9.4. The Little Engine That /Could(n't)?/
limitations of: 16.5. Sockets
$nlink file statistic: 29.2.165. stat
\NNN metasymbol: 5.3.2. Specific Characters
no declarations: 4.7. Global Declarations
4.9. Pragmas
11.1. Using Modules
14.1.3. Magically Banishing $_
29.2.102. no
nomethod overloading key: 13.5. When an Overload Handler Is Missing (nomethod and fallback)
nonbacktracking subpatterns: 5.10.2. Nonbacktracking Subpatterns
nondeterministic finite-state automaton (NFA): 5.9.4. The Little Engine That /Could(n't)?/
noninteractive mode, putting debugger in: 20.4. Unattended Execution
not (!) operator: 3.5. Ideographic Unary Operators
not equal to (!=) operator: 3.12. Equality Operators
notational convenience, tied arrays: 14.2.2. Notational Convenience
nouns: 1.2. Natural and Artificial Languages
packages, handling of: Simplicities
novice programmers, common mistakes of: 24.1. Common Goofs for Novices
filehandle ;angle operator and: 2.11.2. Line Input (Angle) Operator
list: 2.8. List Values and Arrays
null device, Unix: 14.4.2. Creative Filehandles
null list, assigning to arrays: 2.8.2. Array Length
null values ("" or 0): Singularities
number, line (see __LINE__ token)
number width: 25.2. Endianness and Number Width
numbered variables: 28.2. Special Variables in Alphabetical Order
numbers: 1.2.1. Variable Syntax
arrays, storing in: Pluralities
bitwise operators, working with: 3.13. Bitwise Operators
command (see command history, debugger and)
commas, inserting into: 7.1. Format Variables
comparison operators for: 1.5.6. Some Numeric and String Comparison Operators
converting nonnumeric variables to: 13.3. Overloadable Operators
d for digit=\d (for digit): 1.7. Regular Expressions
digits in names: 2.5. Names
floating-point (see floating-point numbers)
functions dealing with: 29.1. Perl Functions by Category
hexadecimal: 2.6.1. Numeric Literals
29.2.73. hex
hexadecimal, converting to: 5.2.3. The s/// Operator (Substitution)
integers (see integers)
justifying by decimal point: 7. Formats
large, underscore and: 2.6.1. Numeric Literals
octal: 2.6.1. Numeric Literals
29.2.103. oct
for pages: 28.2. Special Variables in Alphabetical Order
port, getting name for: 29.2.64. getservbyname
ports, getting protocol names from: 29.2.65. getservbyport
protocol: 29.2.59. getprotobynumber
random: 29.2.119. rand
29.2.164. srand
strings, converting to: 2.6. Scalar Values
truncating with int: 29.2.76. int
truth values of: 1.6.1. What Is Truth?
typing in Perl: 2.6. Scalar Values
width of: 25.2. Endianness and Number Width
numeric context: 2.7.1. Scalar and List Context
numeric literals: 2.6.1. Numeric Literals
NV (internal double value): 21.2. Internal Data Types

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