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A.4 Listbox

Let us take a look at the indexing syntax before we examine Table A.8 , which details listbox properties and methods:


The index of the row, starting from 0.


Indicates the end of the row.


Where the location cursor is currently poised. The active location appears underlined.


The anchor point of the selection.

Table A.8: Listbox Widget Properties and Methods



height, width

Height in lines and width in characters. If 0, the widget resizes to accommodate all elements.


One of single , browse , multiple , or extended .


get (index)

Get the entire string.

insert (index, string)

Inserts a string at the index.

delete (index, [last])

Deletes at index or within range.

index (index)

Return the numerical index.

see (index)

Bring the index 'th element within view.

selectionFrom (index)

selectionTo (index)

selection (from,to)

selectionClear ( )

Set or adjust the selection.

selectionPresent ()

True if there's a selection.

curselection( )

A list of indices of the elements that have been selected.