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Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 2nd Edition

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A. What's on the Companion Disk?

The content of the companion Windows disk that accompanies this book has been included on this CD, in the /prog2/disk/ directory. It contains the Oracle PL/ SQL Programming Companion Utilities Guide, an online tool designed to help you easily find additional resources. The guide offers point-and-click access to nearly 100 files of source code and documentation prepared by the authors. The goal of providing this material in electronic form is to give you a leg up on the development of your own PL/SQL programs. Providing material on disk also helps us keep the size of this book under (some) control.

A.1 Installing the Guide

In a Microsoft Windows environment, you begin installation by double-clicking on the setup.exe file to run the installation program. If you are working in a non-Windows environment, please visit the RevealNet PL/SQL Pipeline Archives ( http://www.revealnet.com/plsql-pipeline ) to obtain a compressed file containing the utilities on this disk.

The installation script will lead you through the necessary steps. The first screen you will see is the install screen shown in Figure A.1 .

Figure A.1: Installing the companion utilities guide

Figure A.1

You can change the default directory in which the files will be placed. Once this step is compete and the software has been copied to your drive, an icon will appear in the folder you specified. Double-click on the icon to start using the Companion Utilities Guide. You will then see the main menu shown in Figure A.2 .

Figure A.2: The main menu

Figure A.2

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