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Java in a Nutshell

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Java Syntax

13.5 Reserved Words

Table 13.6 lists reserved words in Java. These are keywords or boolean literal values. Note that byvalue, cast, const, future, generic, goto, inner, operator, outer, rest, and var are reserved by Java but currently unused.

Table 13.6: Java Reserved Words
abstract default goto operator synchronized
boolean do if outer this
break double implements package throw
byte else import private throws
byvalue extends inner protected transient
case false instanceof public true
cast final int rest try
catch finally interface return var
char float long short void
class for native static volatile
const future new super while
continue generic null switch  

Reserved Method Names

Table 13.7 lists the method names of the Object class. Strictly speaking, these method names are not reserved, but since the methods are inherited by every class, they should not be used as the name of a method, except when intentionally overriding an Object method.

Table 13.7: Reserved Method Names
clone getClass notifyAll
equals hashCode toString
finalize notify wait

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