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Index: D

buffering: 8.5.1. Streaming Multimedia
caching, database objects and: 7.2.5. Data Caching Issues
encrypting (see encryption)
marshaling: 3.2.2. Remote Method Calls
multicasting: 2.1.3. Multicast Sockets
partitioning and distributing: 1.2.1. Partitioning and Distributing Data and Functions
raw throughput monitoring: 8.4.1. Raw Data Monitoring
real throughput monitoring: 8.4.2. Real Data Monitoring
XDR-formatted (example): 2.1.4. Streams, Readers, and Writers for Input and Output
DatabaseItem interface (example): 7.2.4. JDBC-Enabled Data Objects
multiple Connection objects: 7.3. Multi-Database Applications
defining data objects: 7.2.2. Defining the Data Objects
scheduling system example: 7.2.3. A Scheduling Example
JDBC API, overview of: 7.1. An Overview of JDBC
multiple in applications: 7.3. Multi-Database Applications
ODBC drivers: 7.2.1. JDBC Driver Configurations
remote: 7.2. Remote Database Applications
remote data servers and: 7.2.6. Remote Data Servers
sample query: 7.1.1. Data Retrieval Example
scheduling system (example): 7.2.3. A Scheduling Example
data caching: 7.2.5. Data Caching Issues
with JDBC-enabled data objects: 7.2.4. JDBC-Enabled Data Objects
DatagramPacket class: 2.1.2. Your Basic Socket
DatagramSocket class: 2.1.2. Your Basic Socket
DataInputStream class: 1.3.5. Network Support
2.1.4. Streams, Readers, and Writers for Input and Output
DataMonitor class (example): 8.4. Monitoring Bandwidth
DataOutputStream class: 2.1.4. Streams, Readers, and Writers for Input and Output
dcj.examples packages: 0.3. About the Source Code
dcj.utils packages: 0.3. About the Source Code
defocusElement( ): 8.5.2. Web Browsing
delegation models: 6.6.1. Event Model Overview
destroy( ): B.2.2. Interface Specifics
development tools for distributed object systems: 3.3.5. Development Tools
Diffie-Hellman encryption technique: 5.4.2. Public Key Methods
5.4.2. Public Key Methods Encryption techniques
Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA): The User API Encryption techniques
digital signatures: 5.2.2. The Core Security API
5.5. Digital Signatures
DII (Dynamic Invocation Interface): 3.5. CORBA
disconnect_push_supplier( ): B.2.2. Interface Specifics
dispatch( ): D.3. The java.rmi.server Package
distributed applications
anatomy of: 1.1. Anatomy of a Distributed Application
bandwidth-limited (see bandwidth-limited systems)
with databases (see databases)
requirements for development: 1.2. Requirements for Developing Distributed Applications
distributed certified public keys: 5.5.5. Distributing Certified Public Keys
distributed computing
bandwidth-limited (see bandwidth-limited systems)
development tools for: 3.3.5. Development Tools
distribution of workload: 3.2.3. Other Issues
history of: 0. Preface
Java's advantages in: 1.3. What Does Java Provide?
motivations for: 1. Introduction
distributed events: 6.6.2. Distributed Events
distributed objects: 3.1. Why Distribute Objects?
databases and remote data: Distributed objects from the data server
Java schemes: 3.4. Distributed Object Schemes for Java
comparison between: 3.7. RMI vs. CORBA
Java RMI: 3.6. Java RMI
JavaSpaces system: C. JavaSpaces
system features: 3.3. Features of Distributed Object Systems
distributed threads/ThreadGroups: 4.4.2. Distributed ThreadGroups
synchronizing: 4.4.4. Synchronizing Distributed Threads
distributeEvent( ): 6.6.2. Distributed Events
distributing data and functions: 1.2.1. Partitioning and Distributing Data and Functions
DistThreadGroup class (example): 4.4.2. Distributed ThreadGroups
DNS (Domain Name Service): 2.1.1. IP Addressing
doConsume( )
AudioConsumer class: 8.5.1. Streaming Multimedia
ContentConsumer class: 8.4.2. Real Data Monitoring
Domain Name Service (DNS): 2.1.1. IP Addressing
done( )
RemoteCall interface: D.3. The java.rmi.server Package
RemoteRef class: D.3. The java.rmi.server Package
DoneCmd class (example): 1.3.5. Network Support
doProduction( )
AudioProducer class: 8.5.1. Streaming Multimedia
ContentProducer class: 8.4.2. Real Data Monitoring
applet support classes: A.2. Class Downloads
web pages (example): 8.5.2. Web Browsing
Driver interface: DriverManager
DriverManager class: DriverManager
drivers, configuring: 7.2.1. JDBC Driver Configurations
DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm): The User API Encryption techniques
DSAKeyPairGenerator interface: The User API
dynamic database objects: 7.2.3. A Scheduling Example
Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII): 3.5. CORBA
dynamic object activation: 3.3.2. Object Manager

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