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Ignite-UX Information Library

The Ignite-UX documentation source.
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Ignite-UX Documentation

  • Ignite-UX Administration Guide -

    • Supports HP-UX 11i in one document
    • Is revised with each new release of Ignite-UX
    • Introduces Ignite-UX
    • Describes how to set up an Ignite-UX server
    • Explains how to install HP-UX on client systems
    • Describes how to create custom installation images
    • Describes how to recover clients from media or over the network

    Ignite-UX Administration Guide  »HTML  »PDF

    Ignite-UX 管理ガイド  »HTML  »PDF

    Ignite-UX 管理指南  »HTML  »PDF

  • Ignite-UX Quick Start Guide - For system and network administrators new to HP-UX and Ignite-UX who want to get started quickly, this document describes the most common procedures for:

    • Setting up an Ignite-UX server
    • Adding a client to the Ignite-UX server
    • Cold-installing HP-UX on that client

    Ignite-UX Quick Start Guide  »HTML  »PDF

  • Ignite-UX Custom Configuration Files - Creating custom Ignite-UX configuration files can quickly become quite complex and time consuming. The information provided in this document will help you better understand configuration syntax and increase your proficiency when writing your own custom configurations. This document explains:

    • Ignite-UX internal variables
    • Example custom configuration files
    • How Ignite-UX uses different configuration files
    • How release-specific configuration files work (based on HP-UX 11i v1)
    • How to set up SD-UX depots and how to create configuration files for them
    • How to use commands like manage_index, make_bundles, and auto_adm

    » Ignite-UX Custom Configuration Files (PDF)

  • Ignite-UX Product Release Notes - Contains detailed information regarding the current release of Ignite-UX.

     English Product Release Notes (PDF)

     Japanese Product Release Notes Shift_JIS Encoded (PDF)

  • Ignite-UX Reference - Contains the Ignite-UX manpages. Ignite-UX manpages are also installed with the product in the /opt/ignite/share/man directory. The reference gives detailed information regarding the purpose and use of each command and are provided here in a book collection for easier use and printing.

    » Ignite-UX Reference (PDF)

  • » Ignite-UX Frequently Asked Questions (HTML)

Ignite-UX White Papers