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Managing Serviceguard Fifteenth Edition

Chapter 3 Understanding Serviceguard Software Components


Technical documentation

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  Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Serviceguard Architecture
Serviceguard Daemons
How the Cluster Manager Works
Configuration of the Cluster
Heartbeat Messages
Manual Startup of Entire Cluster
Automatic Cluster Startup
Dynamic Cluster Re-formation
Cluster Quorum to Prevent Split-Brain Syndrome
Cluster Lock
Use of a Lock LUN or LVM Lock Disk as the Cluster Lock
Use of the Quorum Server as the Cluster Lock
No Cluster Lock
How the Package Manager Works
Package Types
Using Older Package Configuration Files
Using the Event Monitoring Service
Using the EMS HA Monitors
How Packages Run
What Makes a Package Run?
Before the Control Script Starts
During Run Script Execution
Normal and Abnormal Exits from the Run Script
Service Startup with cmrunserv
While Services are Running
When a Service, Subnet, or Monitored Resource Fails, or a Dependency is Not Met
When a Package is Halted with a Command
During Halt Script Execution
Normal and Abnormal Exits from the Halt Script
How the Network Manager Works
Stationary and Relocatable IP Addresses
Adding and Deleting Relocatable IP Addresses
Monitoring LAN Interfaces and Detecting Failure
Automatic Port Aggregation
VLAN Configurations
Volume Managers for Data Storage
Types of Redundant Storage
About Device File Names (Device Special Files)
Examples of Mirrored Storage
Examples of Storage on Disk Arrays
Types of Volume Manager
HP-UX Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM)
Veritas Cluster Volume Manager (CVM)
Comparison of Volume Managers
Responses to Failures
System Reset When a Node Fails
Responses to Hardware Failures
Responses to Package and Service Failures
Service Restarts
Network Communication Failure

This chapter gives a broad overview of how the Serviceguard software components work. The following topics are presented:

If you are ready to start setting up Serviceguard clusters, skip ahead to Chapter 5 “Building an HA Cluster Configuration”.

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