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Table of Contents

fbackup(1M) - selectively back up files
fcmsutil(1M) - Fibre Channel Mass Storage Utility Command for TACHYON TL, TACHYON XL2, FCD Driver-Based and FC/GigE Combo Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters
fdetach(1M) - detach a STREAMS-based file descriptor from a filename
ff(1M) - list file names and statistics for a file system
ff_hfs(1M) - list file names and statistics for HFS file system
fingerd(1M) - remote user information server
fixman(1M) - fix manpages for faster viewing with man command
format(1M) - format an HP SCSI disk array LUN
frecover(1M) - selectively recover files
frupower(1M) - turn on/off or display current status of power for cells and I/O chassis
fsadm(1M) - a file system administration command
fsadm_hfs(1M) - HFS file system administration command
fsck(1M) - file system consistency check and interactive repair
fsck_cachefs(1M) - check integrity of data cached with CacheFS
fsck_hfs(1M) - HFS file system consistency check and interactive repair
fsclean(1M) - determine the shutdown status of HFS file systems
fsclean_hfs(1M) - determine the shutdown status of HFS file systems — see fsclean(1M)
fsdaemon(1M) - pass-through daemon for processing system commands
fsdb(1M) - file system debugger (generic)
fsdb_hfs(1M) - HFS file system debugger
fsirand(1M) - install random inode generation numbers
fstadm(1M) - defines and manages file system stack templates
fstyp(1M) - determine file system type
fsweb(1M) - launch the Disks and File Systems tool of HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH)
ftpd(1M) - DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server
fuser(1M) - list processes using a file or file structure
fwtmp(1M) - manipulate connect accounting records
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