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Table of Contents

kdestroy(1) - destroy Kerberos tickets
kermit(1) - C-Kermit 8.0 communications software for serial and network connections: modem dialing, file transfer and management, terminal connections, character-set translation, numeric and alpha paging, and script programming
keylogin(1) - decrypt and store secret key with keyserv
keylogout(1) - delete stored secret key with keyserv
keysh(1) - context-sensitive softkey shell
kill(1) - send a signal to a process; terminate a process
kinit(1) - obtain and cache the Kerberos ticket-granting ticket
klist(1) - list cached Kerberos tickets
kpasswd(1) - change a user's Kerberos password
ksh(1) - shell, the standard/restricted command programming language
ktutil(1) - Kerberos keytab file maintenance utility
kvno(1) - print key version numbers of Kerberos principals
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