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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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kpasswd — change a user's Kerberos password


kpasswd [principal]


The kpasswd command is used to change a Kerberos principal's password. kpasswd prompts for the current Kerberos password, which is used to obtain a changepw ticket from the KDC (Key Distribution Center) for the user's Kerberos realm. If kpasswd successfully obtains the changepw ticket, the user is prompted twice for the new password and the password is changed.

If the principal is governed by a policy that specifies the length and/or number of character classes required in the new password, the new password must conform to the policy. The five character classes are lower case, upper case, numbers, punctuation, and all other characters.



Changes the password for the Kerberos principal, principal. kpasswd uses the principal name from an existing cache if there is one. If not, the principal is derived from the identity of the user invoking the kpasswd command.


kpasswd looks first for kpasswd_server = host:port in the [realms] section of the krb5.conf file under the current realm. If that is missing, kpasswd looks for the admin_server entry and substitutes 464 for the port.


kpasswd was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Kerberos configuration file.

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