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Table of Contents

date(1) - display or set the date and time
dc(1) - desk calculator
dd(1) - convert, reblock, translate, and copy a (tape) file
delta(1) - make a delta (change) to an SCCS file
deroff(1) - remove nroff, tbl, and neqn constructs
dhcpv6client_ui(1) - DHCPv6 client interface for requesting configuration parameters from the DHCPv6 server
diff(1) - differential file and directory comparator
diff3(1) - 3-way differential file comparison
diffmk(1) - mark changes between two different versions of a file
dircmp(1) - directory comparison
dirname(1) - extract portions of path names — see basename(1)
disable(1) - enable/disable LP printers — see enable(1)
divpage(1) - filters invoked by lp interface scripts — see lpfilter(1)
dmpxlt(1) - dump iconv translation tables to a readable format
dnssec-keygen(1) - key generation tool for DNSSEC
dnssec-makekeyset(1) - used to produce a set of DNSSEC keys
dnssec-signkey(1) - DNSSEC keyset signing tool
dnssec-signzone(1) - DNSSEC zone signing tool
domainname(1) - set or display name of Network Information Service domain
dos2ux(1) - convert ASCII file format between HP-UX and DOS formats
dosdf(1) - report number of free disk clusters
dspcat(1) - display all or part of a message catalog
dspmsg(1) - display a selected message from a message catalog
du(1) - summarize disk usage
dumpmsg(1) - create message catalog file for modification — see findmsg(1)
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