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Ignite-UX Administration Guide: for HP-UX 11i > Chapter 9 Booting and Installing HP-UX From the Server Using the Client Console

Booting PA-RISC Clients from the Console


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This section describes how to boot HP-UX on PA-RISC clients from the client console using an Ignite-UX server.

See the "Preparing the Client for Installation " section for important notes.

If you need further help with the boot process, enter:

BOOT ADMIN>help boot

  1. Obtain the IP address of the Ignite-UX server you intend to use.

  2. Cycle the power (perform a cold reset) on the client to bring it to a known state.

    NOTE: If you have the AUTOBOOT flag set, you will have to interrupt the boot sequence by pressing Esc when the Processor Dependent Code (PDC) offers the opportunity with this message:

    To stop selection process, press and hold ESCAPE key.

    For detailed information regarding the boot sequence, see the HP-UX System Administrator’s Guide for HP-UX 11i v3, or Managing Systems and Workgroups: A Guide for HP-UX System Administrators.

    During the boot sequence, status messages are displayed on the client console. Depending on the type of machine, server or workstation model, a boot administration menu and/or firmware prompt may appear.

  3. Boot the client using your Ignite-UX server’s IP address by entering this command at the client console:

    firmware prompt> boot lan.n.n.n.n install

    where: n.n.n.n  is the IP address of the Ignite-UX server.

    The client then begins to download the install kernel from the network server. This should take approximately 5 minutes.

    TIP: To search for Ignite-UX servers, enter the following at the client console (workstations only):

    firmware prompt>search lan install

    The list of servers you can boot the client from is displayed with their corresponding IP addresses, similar to:

    Searching for potential boot devices(s)... on Path LAN This may take several minutes. To discontinue search, press any key (termination may not be immediate). Path Number Device Path Device Type ----------- ----------- ----------- P0 LAN. lp2 100/Full Dx P1 LAN. lp4 100/Full D

    You may need to run the nslookup command on another running system to determine which address corresponds to your Ignite-UX server.

  4. When an Ignite-UX server responds, the installation begins with the following query:

    hpux KernelPrompt "Choose Operating System to Install :" 1. target OS is B.11.11 2. target OS is B.11.23 PA 3. target OS is B.11.31 PA 4. Exit Choose an operating system to install that your hardware supports :

    Select the operating system version that you want to install on the client by typing the appropriate number, and then press Enter to continue the installation.

After booting the system, see “Installing HP-UX From the Client Console” for information on configuring the HP-UX installation from the client console.

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