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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Routine Management Tasks: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Chapter 6 Managing System Performance

Other Performance Management Tools


Technical documentation

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Some of the tools that HP provides are:

HP also provides several sources for tools and support for HP-UX. See http://www.software.hp.com. This web page has links to:

  • HP-UX 3rd party and public domain software

    This catalog contains over 1000 packages in binary and source format. Each package is placed into a single category on the archive. These categories can be viewed in alphabetical or chronological order.

  • HP-UX application demos, shareware, and freeware

  • HP patches

  • On-demand support

HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH)

The HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) tool allows you to perform many system administration tasks without having to know all the HP-UX commands involved.

For more information on the HP SMH’s capabilities, use HP SMH's online help or see the manpage smh(1M). See also “System Management Homepage (Web-Based)”.

To start HP SMH, launch a browser and enter the following http://system:2301/.   A login screen will be displayed. Log in as root or a user with root privilege.

The top Command

Use the top command to see processes ranked by CPU usage. See the manpage top(1).

To run top, enter:


OpenView Products

A broad portfolio of OpenView based products to help you manage your HP-UX and Windows NT based systems is available from HP and HP OpenView Solutions Partners. HP OpenView products are available to help you:

  • Manage logins on HP-UX systems (and other operating systems)

  • Monitor the performance of HP-UX systems

  • Manage databases

  • Manage electronic mail (e-mail)

  • Manage Simple Network Message Protocol (SNMP) applications and resources

and a lot more. Some of the products are:

  • IT/Administration

  • IT/Operations

  • MeasureWare

  • Storage Management

  • Openspool

  • PerfView

  • Software Distributor

  • VantagePoint

  • Network Management

  • Security Management

For complete and current information on HP OpenView products, service, and support, go to http://www.openview.hp.com.

GlancePlus and GlancePlus Pak

HP GlancePlus is a diagnostic performance tool which provides detailed immediate performance information about your system. It has built-in bottleneck alarms and zoom-in capabilities to make performance troubleshooting easier.

The HP GlancePlus Pak combines the HP GlancePlus and HP MeasureWare products. This provides both detailed immediate diagnostic and long-term analysis for performance data. These software products are available on multi-vendor platforms as well as for HP-UX.

HP MeasureWare Agent is a comprehensive long-term performance tool which collects, alarms on, and manages system performance information as well as metrics from other sources such as database probes. It provides data and alarms for PerfView, HP OpenView NNM or IT/Operations as well as third-party products.

Kernel Resource Monitor (KRM)

The Kernel Resource Monitor is included with Event Monitoring Systems (EMS) Hardware Monitors. The KRM checks HP-UX resources such as nproc (number of processes) which are controlled by the kernel parameters. KRM continually checks the actual usage of these resources. If the amount of the usage meets or exceeds a preset value, you are notified by e-mail, console message, system log, or other means.

This can be useful for tuning the kernel parameters for your particular system and avoiding panics and performance problems caused when usage of HP-UX resources approaches too high a level.

The EMS Monitors can be integrated with applications responsible for maintaining system availability, such as MC/ServiceGuard. If configured to do so, they can provide event notification to system management applications such as HP OpenView IT/Operations and HP Network Node Manager.

The EMS Hardware Monitors use the same EMS framework as the EMS High Availability (HA) monitors. The HA EMS monitors are a separate set of monitors available at additional cost.

Some of the hardware monitors for fibre channel products write event information to text logs read by a new Predictive scanner, emsscan, which in turn may send events to the Response Center via On-line Predictive.

The EMS Hardware Monitors (including the Kernel Resource Monitor) are distributed on the Support Plus CD media and available to download from http://software.hp.com.

Select “Enhancement Releases” and then “Support Tools for the HP 9000.”

For more information see Support Plus: Diagnostics User’s Guide, and EMS Hardware Monitors User’s Guide on the Instant Information DVD or at http://docs.hp.com/hpux/systems/.

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