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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Routine Management Tasks: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Chapter 5 Managing Software

Setting up a Network Host (Building a Depot)


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Installation from a network host is faster than from tape or DVD, and it is more convenient for users than having to transport tapes or disks.

A system connected to a network can act as a common software installation source for other network clients and can contain one or more depots. To set up a network source for software, do the following:

  1. Copy software from a depot, DVD, or tape to the network server.

    By default, the swcopy command “registers” newly created depots. A registered depot makes software visible to other applications such as swinstall. Therefore, one system can be the central repository where your users can obtain software. See the swreg(1M) manpage.

  2. Copy software from the network host to the systems as needed.

Copying Software From a Depot with the SD User Interface

To copy software from a depot, start the SD-UX graphical or terminal user interface. Type:




swinstall automatically configures your system to run the software when it is installed; configuration is not done with swcopy.

Copying Software From DVD

  1. Make sure the DVD drive is mounted. You can use HP SMH or the mount (1M) command to do this.

  2. Register the DVD drive.

    For example to register a DVD mounted at /cdrom, type:

    /usr/sbin/swreg -l depot /cdrom

  3. Copy all or part of the contents of the DVD to hard disk and use that as a network software depot. (It is better to copy too much than too little.)

For example, to copy all the software on a DVD into a depot at /usr/main_depot and automatically register it:

/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /cdrom "*" @ /usr/main_depot

Or, using swcopy in interactive mode (using screens like those you see in snoop):

/usr/sbin/swcopy -i -s /cdrom

Copying Software From Tape

To copy software on tape at /dev/rmt/0m to a depot at /usr/main_depot:

/usr/sbin/swcopy -i -s /dev/rmt/0m @ /usr/main_depot

The program will pause if you need to change tapes. Bring up the “Logfile” while in swcopy to see the tape-change messages.

More Examples

The first command in the example that follows copies all software (“*”) from the path /release/11.31/wszx6 at the network source appserver to the target /mnt1/depot. The second command does the same thing except that it copies only the software specified in the file /tmp/langJ.

swcopy -s appserver.cup.hp.com:/release/11.31/wszx6 \   "*" @:/mnt1/depot
swcopy -f /tmp/langJ -s hpclpep:/languages/gsJ @:/mnt1/depot

The following example builds a tape from the depot created in the previous example:

swpackage -x target_type=tape -s /mnt1/depot -d /dev/rmt/0m "*"
NOTE: Building a depot on tape or disk is a good use of the capabilities of SD, but you are taking on some extra responsibility: if you build the depot incorrectly, or incompletely, and the upgrade fails as a result, HP will not treat this as an SD defect.
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