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Manual configuration


This is the usual process for any Gated distribution prior to version 3.6. If you want to use this process on the 3.6 or later distributions you first need to replace the generic Makefile in the source directory:

cd src cp Makefile

and then follow the instructions:

  1. Create an object directory, src/obj.`src/util/archtype`. Run src/util/archtype directly to display the architecture. If you will never compile GateD on a second architecture you can use obj. For example, on a Sun SPARCstation running SunOS 4.1.1:

    sun% src/util/archtype SunOS-4.1.1-sun4 sun% mkdir src/obj.`src/util/archtype` sun% ls -d src/obj.* src/obj.SunOS-4.1.1-sun4/

    On BSD 4.3 Reno and later obj directories are supported in the format the system sources use. This support is not direct, but a hack. On these systems you will need to specify the full path to some directories, for an example see src/configs/vangogh.

  2. Build a config file. This file is used as input to a configuration script which builds a Makefile and system specific header files.

    A description of config file options is available in src/configs/README.

    Examples of quite a few config files are in src/configs, pick the one that is closest to what you want and tailor it to your specific configuration. Install this config file in the previously created object directory with the name Config.

  3. Configure GateD for this architecture by typing ' make config'. This will run an awk script on your obj.`src/util/archtype`/Config file which builds a sed script. This sed script is used to edit a Makefile template. The Makefile is then run to configure architecture specific files, create symbolic links, and dependencies. make config must be run in the src directory.

  4. Build GateD by typing make in the src directory or the object directory.

  5. Become root and install GateD: ' make install' in the src or object directory. Then optionally type make install-man in the same directory to install the man pages.

  6. Make up a configuration file. Sample config files are in the conf directory and the man page explains all config options. Install the config file in /etc/gated.conf.

  7. Take cover and .... FIRE IT UP!

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Laurent Joncheray
Wed Jun 12 15:35:22 EDT 1996