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This process is supported on the following system: SunOS4.1.x, SunOS5.x, BSD/OS, Ultrix4.x. For other systems you may want to use the old manual procedures described in section 3.2.

  1. Change the current directory to the source ( src) directory:

    cd src

  2. Start the auto configuration program:

    make autoconf

  3. Answer all the questions. When done, compile gated:


  4. Then install gated:

    make install

  5. And clean up the mess:

    make clean

For those interested in the details of the process, section 7.2 explains the different stages of the configuration process. To sum up, make autoconf will create the object directory. The name is obj.<arch> where <arch> is the output of the command util/configure -a. In this object directory a Config file is created with all the options/parameters needed.

One can modify this Config to change some options. After doing that a make config is needed to update certain files in the object directory.

make autoconf will also look at a file named Config in the source ( src) directory. This file must be used to store user preferences that are not asked by the make autoconf process. For instance, make autoconf will chose the GNU gcc compiler over cc. If one wants to force the use of cc the src/Config file should contain this single line:

cc cc

The final src/obj.<arch>/Config file is a combination of the src/Config file and one system-generic file in src/configs. The files in src/configs should not be edited by the user.

Laurent Joncheray
Wed Jun 12 15:35:22 EDT 1996