Cisco Integrated Networking Solutions

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  • Cisco Dial, Voice, and Telephony Solutions
    SS7, Wholesale Voice, Any Service Any Port (ASAP), VPDN, Modem Services, Multilink PPP, Basic IP Modem Services, VoiceXML, Billing, Multiservice Packet Network Solution, Telco DCN, Broadband Local Integrated Services Solutions (BLISS)

  • Cisco IP Solutions
    IP version 6, IP Multicast, Interdomain, Mobile IP, Globally Resilient IP

  • Cisco VPN Solutions
    Cisco Managed IPsec CPE VPN Solution 1.0, Cisco Managed MPLS VPN Solution, and Cisco Remote Access to MPLS VPN Solution

  • Campus Network for High Availability Design Guide
    Provides recommended designs for the campus network, and includes descriptions of various topologies, routing protocols, configuration guidelines, and other considerations relevant to the design of highly available and reliable campus networks.

  • Data Center High Availability Clusters Design Guide
    Describes how to design and deploy high availability clusters to provide uninterrupted access to data, even if a server loses network or storage connectivity, or fails completely, or if the application running on the server fail.

  • IPsec VPN WAN Design Overview
    Defines the comprehensive functional components that are required to build a site-to-site VPN system in the context of enterprise WAN connectivity.

  • Business Ready Teleworker
    Presents a series of design and implementation chapters intended to facilitate the creation of scalable and secure Business Ready Teleworker environments.

  • CSA for WLAN Security
    Overview and implementation of the security features offered by Cisco Security Agent for WLAN threat detection and mitigation, as well as policy enforcement.

  • Secure Wireless Design Guide 1.0
    Describes the security features of the Cisco Unified Wireless Solution and their integration with the Cisco Self Defending Network.

  • Enterprise Mobility 4.1 Design Guide
    This guide describes the design and implementation of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution for the enterprise, using the features incorporated in the Wireless LAN Controller software Release 4.1.

  • Beyond PCI Compliance--Cisco and SAP Perspective
    Outlines key principles and best practices that retailers should adhere to, and presents a set of recommendations on ways to combine network-level and application-level security in a coherent, trustworthy fashion.

  • Secure Wireless Design Guide 1.0
    Describes the Cisco Unified Wireless Solution security features and the their integration with the Cisco Self Defending Network.


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