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Cisco MGM Architecture
User Interfaces
Supported Protocols
Cisco Info Center Support


Cisco MGM operates as a component of the Cisco Element Management Framework (Cisco EMF) software. Cisco MGM enables you to deploy, configure, and manage Cisco MGX 8000 Series CVGs that utilize the Cisco PXM1, PXM1-E, and PXM45 Processor Switch Modules.

Cisco MGM provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the display of network information and device management, including access to media gateway controllers (MGCs) functioning in the network.

Cisco MGM Architecture

Cisco MGM extends the functionality of Cisco EMF to include management of Cisco MGX 8000 Series CVGs, as well as supported media gateway controllers (MGCs). Figure 1-1 provides a simple view of Cisco MGM's location in a voice gateway network.

Figure 1-1   Cisco MGM Architecture


User Interfaces

Cisco MGM provides a graphical user interface (GUI) using UNIX Motif. For device-specific configuration, Cisco MGM also provides access to the CiscoView GUI, as well as to command line interface functions through telnet sessions.

For detailed information on CiscoView installation and operation, refer to Using CiscoView 5.4.

For command line interface functions, refer to the following documents:

Supported Protocols

Cisco MGM supports the following protocols as part of its overall management capabilities:


Cisco MGM provides a powerful range of network management capabilities, including support for network configuration, administration, fault and performance management, and security.


Cisco MGM configuration capabilities include the following features:


Cisco MGM administration capabilities provide database support for Cisco MGX 8000 Series components, including:

Cisco MGM performs asynchronous database updates in response to network equipment configuration and status changes.

Fault Management

Cisco MGM provides consolidated alarm viewing and filtering through the use of the Cisco EMF event browser interface. Cisco MGM displays alarms and events on a color-coded topology map. Fault management functions include:

Performance Management

Cisco MGM performance management capabilities include threshold and call related statistics using CiscoView and the appropriate MGC element management systems.

CiscoView provides device-specific performance management, including the following information:

All statistics data are collected in real-time, no history is stored.


Cisco MGM security uses the mechanisms of Cisco EMF, which authenticates users based on names and passwords. When using CLI management interfaces, the Cisco MGX 8000 Series CVGs also authenticate users based on user accounts. Security profiles define access rights for typical users, from administrators to guests.

SNMP community strings allow access between Cisco MGM and network elements messages to be controlled. Unique community strings known by all network elements should be configured.

Cisco Info Center Support

Cisco EMF provides an interface to the Cisco Info Center (CIC) through use of the Cisco EMF event channel. The Cisco Info Center is purchased as a separate product from Cisco MGM.

CIC provides service-level alarm monitoring and diagnostics tools for network fault and performance monitoring, network trouble isolation, and real-time service-level management for large networks. CIC helps operators focus on important network events, offering a combination of alarm processing rules, filtering, customizable alarm viewing, and partitioning. CIC provides a highly configurable client/server application that can consolidate, duplicate, filter, and correlate fault information from multiple network layers.

CIC is the fault management component of the Cisco Service Management (CSM) infrastructure that provides end-to-end service management solutions for service provider and large enterprise networks. Operating at the service and network levels, CIC interacts with other management tools within the CSM product suite to provide customer-focused, service-level monitoring and network partitioning for Virtual Private Network and Customer Network Management services. CIC works in conjunction with network element management software such as Wide Area Network Manager to provide fault and alarm management across local and wide area networks.

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