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Changing Node States



Cisco MGM MapViewer displays information about Cisco MGX 8000 Series CVGs, MGX 8000 Series components, and media gateway controllers (MGCs).

Each object shown in the right window provides graphical cues about the network element that it represents. The information can be structural (for example, a network element name), or it can be state and event information (for example, "out of service"). If an object becomes unreachable, it is represented by a bomb icon.

Figure 5-1 shows an example of a typical MapViewer display.

Figure 5-1   Cisco MGM MapViewer

Changing Node States

Cisco MGM 3.0 reports Cisco MGX 8000 Series CVGs as being in one of the following states:

The default is Normal state. However, in some circumstances, you may need to change the node to Maintenance state.

To change the default state of a Cisco MGX 8000 Series CVG, perform the following steps:

Step 1   Log on to Cisco EMF. The Launchpad screen opens.

Step 2   Click the Viewer button. The Map Viewer screen opens.

Step 3   Click the tree of objects to display the list of sites and nodes.

Step 4   Right-click the icon for the desired site or chassis and select Chassis State Change. The Chassis State Change Dialog window opens. (See Figure 5-2.)

Figure 5-2   Chassis State Change Dialog


Step 5   Select Decommission or Commission from the Chassis State pull-down menu.

Note    The default pull-down menu is blank. You must click on the pull-down menu to reveal the available options.

Step 6   Click Modify Chassis State.

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