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Release Notes for ANC Release 1.03

Table of Contents

Release Information

Getting Started with ANC

Important Notes

Caveats in Release 1.03

Open Caveats

Resolved Caveats

Release Notes for ANC Release 1.03

April 2005

Table of Contents

Release Information

Getting Started with ANC

Important Notes

Caveats in Release 1.03

Release Information

Product Information: Cisco Adaptive Network Care (ANC) release 1.03

Package Information: Access the ANC components from these URLs:

Inventory, Notification and Registration Services:


Inventory Collection Engine: ICE_1.03.exe

Getting Started with ANC

You must register with the service to use the Cisco Adaptive Network Care (ANC). You also need to install and register the Inventory Collection Engine to perform device discovery and inventory of your devices. Refer to the Adaptive Network Care User Guide for the instructions to install and register the Inventory Collection Engine. The user guide can be downloaded from here:

To register for the ANC Beta Trial and view documentation go to

Important Notes

An enhancement in the Cisco ANC Server requires an ANC Inventory Collection Engine upgrade from the previous release to 1.03. The reports on the ANC Server now show more card details for the devices. The reports in ANC 1.0 only showed these card details:

Model (now referred to as Card Type)

Serial Number

Firmware Revision


Reports in this release show these additional details:

Card ID

Product ID


Card Type (referred to as Model in release 1.0)

Card Family

Use these steps to upgrade ANC Inventory Collection Engine:

Step 1 Uninstall ICE 1.0.

Step 2 Download and install ICE 1.03 on your local machine.

Step 3 Register the appliance.

Step 4 Install the certificate.

Step 5 Configure the Inventory Collection Engine.

Step 6 You can now use the upgraded Inventory Collection Engine.

Refer to the Cisco ANC User Guide for further details on any of the above steps.

Caveats in Release 1.03

This section describes the resolved and open software caveats in all services of ANC Release 1.0.3. Caveats describe unexpected behavior or defects in ANC software.

Open Caveats

Notification Service

Bug ID: CSCeg50581
Title: Devices in Stale state are not shown in Notification Profiles.
Description: When uploading some new devices, inventory name and type; the previously uploaded data will be moved to stale state. On in Notification Profiles, only active devices are shown. Expected behavior: Active and stale should both be shown. Only deleted devices should not be shown.
Workaround:Until bug is fixed, add a few more devices and upload again with the same.

Bug ID: CSCeh21781
Title: Advisory report results in Null Screen on reports.
Description:On the Profile configuration tool visit Inventory menu on the left hand side. Click on Advisory report, null is displayed on the screen
Workaround:Use any other report that retrieves Entitled Companies. Example: Static report. Visit the Advisory report again. Data is displayed correctly.

Inventory Service

Bug ID: CSCeg51816
Title: Interactive report is not reporting on duplicate IP Addresses.
Description:Assume two devices configured with the same IP address on some interfaces. For instance, they have 3 interfaces and all three have a different IP address per device but repeated across the devices. Hence the portal says, there is 3 duplicate IP address for this Inv1. The duplicate IP address is looked for an EC and the inventory element. Now, the portal says 3, which is correct but clicking on report link which gets to interactive report, report says "No data found for the selection". This is incorrect. Duplicate IP address should be picked up by the report as well.
Workaround: None.

Bug ID: CSCeg34196
Title:View Inventory says Device unreachable. Adding a device is not collecting inventory.
Description:Add a device through Device Manager. And even after scheduling inventory on that device with credentials, the inventory is not collected. The View Inventory says Device unreachable which is incorrect.

Bug ID: CSCee80619
Title:Schedule task tab still shows DAV is running, when the inventory engine is stopped.
Description: When inventory engine is stopped, any inventory collection activity should be stopped and their status should be updated appropriately. When the inventory engine is started again, DAV status is still "running'

Bug ID: CSCeg36428 / CSCeg36434
Title:Delta Reports in PDF and CSV format not complete.
Description: Delta Reports PDF and CSV contain only column headers / Delta drill down PDF and CSV contain incorrect details. Both files have only the column headers, even though there were changes as displayed on the web version of the report. Also, the PDF is missing the selection criteria user specifies to bring up the delta report.
Workaround: None.

Bug ID: CSCeh20145
Title:Internal Server Error on Interactive Report.
Description: An Internal error occurs when running an Interactive Report via the Notification Profiles. This happens when selecting an Inventory for a Entitled Company using the Inventory Link on the right panel and clicking on Interactive report.
Workaround:This error occurs only during a specific sequence of operations. In general to avoid this error while navigating to interactive reports, first open a static report and then using the report - inventory - interactive report toolbar option open the interactive reports.

Bug ID: CSCeg88992
Title: Any user can change the Admin password.
Description: The /sa/ file does not properly verify the identity and role of a user attempting to modify another user's passwords. Using a modified HTTP POST request any Inventory Collection Engine user - regardless of the role - may modify the password for any other user including the `admin' password without knowing the current password of the targeted account.
Workaround: None available.

Bug ID: CSCeh23081
Title: Delta Report selection criteria date filter - year 2005 missing.
Description: On the Delta report's selection criteria page, the date filter shows only 2003 and 2004 in the year dropdown. It should include year 2005 as well.
Workaround: None.

Bug ID: CSCeh23093
Title: Device model name change not reported in Delta report
Description: The device model name change is not being reported by the delta report. This can happen when uploading a device inventory twice.
Workaround: None.

Bug ID: CSCeh23142
Title:Inventory Refresh email is sent second time even after upload.
Description: The registered customer gets an email asking to upload the Inventory for the network again. The email is sent again even though the Inventory is not older than 30 days.
Workaround: None.

Registration Service

Bug ID: CSCeh19548
Title:Redirected to wrong page when declining legal agreement.
Description:When registered Customer User logs in and finalizes the user registration - Accept Legal Agreement page by hitting the legal agreement hyperlink followed by decline the legal agreement, user should be redirected to Accept Legal Agreement page in public area. Currently the page is displayed containing an error message "Access to requested area denied") and no menu is available. Revoking the active security certificate (certificate in use by the person that is logged into ANC) also displays the same error message.
Workaround: Close all browser windows, re-launch browser and go to the ANC home page. Login to ANC using the Unregistered guest hyperlink.

Bug ID: CSCeh21151
Title: Unable to view Entitled Company details - error about insufficient privileges.
Description: While logging in as an Unregistered user and clicking the Entitled Company hyperlinks, the Entitled Company details are not being shown, but the "Access to requested area denied You do not have sufficient privileges to access the page you requested. " error is displayed.
Workaround: None.

Bug ID: CSCeh23511.
Title: The user can not edit the ICE registration name since : ICE registration; edit info page is blank after submit.
Description:From the Inventory Collection Engine Name dropdown field, select the recently (newly) registered Inventory Collection Engine. Check the Edit Inventory Collection Engine Information radio button and click on Submit button. When changing the Name and click on the Submit button the page is blank.
Workaround: None.

Resolved Caveats

This section lists caveats that have been fixed in this release.

Bug ID: CSCeh00622
Description: Any registered ANC user can view the user and company details associated with any Inventory Collection Engine by replacing the original/valid "applId" parameter value with an alternate ICE ID.

Bug ID: CSCeh21477
Description: This was not a bug and functionality has been verified and it works as expected.


Posted: Thu Apr 21 17:38:36 PDT 2005
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